Party of Submission Submits Again

If one were to accept the oft-repeated meme that “Islam Means Submission”, then the GOP might as well come out and declare themselves the first Islamic Party of the United States.

Once again, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Once again, they completely and utterly ignored a clear mandate from the voting population. Once again, the Quislings dropped to their knees and slurped the balls of King Obola.

It’s hard to use the power of the purse without holding the purse.

Republicans are making a massive mistake by funding the federal government through September 30, 2015. If the spending plan that barely passed the GOP House last night survives the Democratic Senate, Republicans lose most of their leverage to defund Emperor Obama’s executive order on amnesty for illegal aliens until at least next October 1.

Which is exactly what the GOP wanted all along.

That will give Obama and legions of federal bureaucrats and lawyers nine months to sink the amnesty decree deeper and deeper into the American body politic and this country’s socio-economic and cultural institutions.

Which is exactly what the GOP wanted all along.

Ronald Reagan once observed, “The closest thing to eternal life is a temporary government program.” Nine months is temporary enough to make this amnesty permanent.

Which is exactly what the GOP wanted all along.

Obama’s unconstitutional order will be that much harder to reverse if it becomes fully funded until at least nearly one month after next Labor Day.

Which is exactly what…

OK, you get the drift now.

They desperately want the cheap slave labor that shamnesty provides to their corporate bribe masters, and they’re in a damned hurry to get as much of Obola’s agenda passed before January next so they can whine about how “they had no choice” and “the Democrats held all the cards” and their old favorite surrender excuse: “We can’t do anything with one half of one third of the government.”

Come January, when those excuses are no longer valid (not that they’re valid now, if one has the slightest passing knowledge of how the Constitution, Congress and the passing of bills work), they need for all that King Obola and themselves want codified into law, and they need to make it so it’s impossible to reverse, should those Useful Idiots they call “voters” start getting uppity and demand that they do what they were voted in there to do.


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When the new congress comes in, the increased conservative wing should mount a challenge to that crybaby If they get him out, great. If not, then every single one, something like 70 members, resigns from the GOP. Then Pelosi mounts a challenge, the independents become the swing vote. Boehner goes or they simply abstain and Pelosi is speaker. For about… Read more »

I’m starting to come around to the Ann Barnhardt school of thought: both “parties” are a part of the same neoStalinist oligarchy, everybody (that means Everybody) in DC is a whore and psychopath, The Constitution and rule of law are things of the past, and the Republic that was the United States of America has been overthrown and is no… Read more »

LC TerribleTroy

Pretty sure I hear the fat lady singing….I hope I live long enough to see some of these fuckin mutts die.

LC Robohobo

It took 5 weeks to sell out their constituents. 5 weeks. Almost all of the Repubs up for election or re-election campaigned on ‘Defund Obamacare’ or ‘No Amnesty’. And The Won made sure that a future POTUS cannot rid the country of his amnesty by not making it an Executive Order but arbitrarily changing operating policies in US Gov’t departments.… Read more »

LC SecondMouse

We are getting down to the short strokes now. Boehner has been widely seen publicly screwing the CRomnibus pooch that became Obama’s dinner later that night, and RINO senators are up in arms over the fact that Cruz made them work today in order to put the Dems on record supporting Obama’s executive amnesty. The RINOs in both chambers have… Read more »

LC Xystus

LC Robohobo:

And The Won made sure that a future POTUS cannot rid the country of his amnesty by not making it an Executive Order but arbitrarily changing operating policies in US Gov’t departments. Just make new rules ‘cuz he don’t need no stinkin’ laws.

Just watch me.


Well there is some good news. They haven’t been able to get the Comnibus passed in the senate. They had to settle for a 5 day extension. Of course, Hell has frozen over. Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz on the same side? Both are trying to stop this thing, although for far different reasons. All that useless jerk in the… Read more »


Oh nuts. This is what happens when I read my email and not the news first. They did ram this through.