…they refuse altogether to comment on a Progressive Socialist Democrat pleading guilty to multiple counts of sexual offenses, including rape.

Donnie Ray Williams Jr., former staff director for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee, pleaded guilty Tuesday to multiple charges including third-degree sexual abuse, two misdemeanor sex-abuse counts and one count of misdemeanor threats. “Prosecutors say that on July 22, 2010, Williams invited a female congressional colleague to his Capitol Hill apartment and promised to introduce her to Senate employees,” the Washington Post reports. “At the house, prosecutors said, Williams spiked a drink with Ambien. The woman, according to court documents, fell into a ‘deep sleep,’ at which point Williams raped her. A month later, prosecutors said, Williams invited another woman to his home and gave her alcoholic beverages. They said he had sexual contact with her when she was too intoxicated to give her consent.”

Read the whole thing, of course. It is not merely excellent, it’s also written by one of our very own, LC Gregory.

You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that His Imperial Majesty knows down to the most minute detail how the Prozi mind “works” (having once been counted among the loony left himself), we’d find it passing strange how those same Prozis who keep howling about “wars on women” always seem to be the only ones actually engaged in one. On the wrong side.

And it’s never, ever “newsworthy” when it’s one of their own.

Meanwhile, a lady who did nothing more offensive than have an opinion, and not even a particularly offensive one, one that we would be willing to bet quite a few talents of silver that more than just a few ordinary Americans share, and who dared express it in public, is hounded to the point where “journalists” are breathlessly reporting on supposedly sealed juvenile records of shoplifting, speeding tickets and such.

Which is worse, really? Driving too fast or raping women after you drug them?

According to the so-called “journalists” of the Mainstream Media, it’s the former.

Which, again, isn’t surprising once one takes into account that they don’t actually mean anything they say, as proven every single time one of their own is caught doing what they supposedly are oh so very much against. Then it’s complete radio silence.

They don’t mean it because, to the left, and once again we’d like to point out that we were trained very well in their ways of doing things as a young leftist, everything is a means to an end, and the end justifies all means.

If murdering infants served The Cause™, they’d be four square behind it. Oh wait, they already are. Planned Parenthood, we believe it’s called. Home schooling and letting your kids play in the park or stay home alone? “Child abuse.” Financing and encouraging infanticide? “Social justice and freedom of choice.”

Every single “ideal” of the Prozis is a means to an end and, when no longer useful, or when it’s useful to forget about it to advance The Cause™, is discarded as a piece of used toilet paper. Just try to count the number of individuals and groups thrown under the bus when King Obola’s junta no longer had any use for them. Try, and be prepared to give up before you’re even halfway through.

Ideals, groups, human beings. All of those and more are expendable to a leftist. The Useful Idiots making up the howling masses so very useful when stirring up shit? First against the wall once the left has achieved what they aimed for.

Leftists, whether they have yet realized it or not, and many are still caught in denial and that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of “doing it for the common good”, are the most utilitarian of individuals. Everything and everybody can be used and thrown away at will. Leftism is an inhumane disease that demeans humanity, that robs individuals of their worth and that uses and abuses everything and everybody that it touches.

For The Common Good™, of course. Which is always and ever defined by Somebody Who Is Not You™, but always with the promise that you, too, might one day become that somebody in order to fool you into believing that you are not, ultimately, going to be cast away like a crumpled Kleenex once your sell-by date has been reached.

Leftism is a disease, but it is curable. The first step is for enough people to overcome their natural tendency to be civil and just play along to get along, enough who dare stand up and proclaim that the emperor is, indeed, naked.

And it’s not really all that scary to do so, either. Because most people already agree with you, you just don’t know it yet, because they haven’t yet overcome the natural inhibition against being the odd one out by standing up to be counted.

I found that out by starting this site, but it doesn’t have to be as much of an effort as that (even though it wasn’t, truthfully, that much of an effort). All you need to do is to speak up when you see something that makes absolutely no sense, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who’ll say “no, it doesn’t really, does it? I always thought that, but I was thinking that it might just be me.”

And it doesn’t have to be in the form of being hyper-aggressive, disagreeing vehemently with your well-intentioned coworker or friend when they repeat some Prozi talking point that they’ve heard over and over again, calling them names and making enemies in the process. As a matter of fact that is a bad idea, since it will turn the situation into a battle. All it takes is making an off-hand, civil, confused statement like “you know, I don’t get it. I keep hearing that we have little or no inflation, yet everything is so much more expensive than it used to be” or “why is it that everybody I know is unemployed or underemployed when I keep hearing that unemployment is at the lowest its been in years?”, or “is it only me, or does it keep getting colder than last year when it’s supposed to be warming?”

And don’t ever pose it as a challenge or an argument. Just drop it in there as an observation. The first could be when people are talking about how awfully expensive groceries are compared to what they used to be. The second when somebody mentions a cousin who’s been out of work for years. The third when talking about the weather and how unusually cold the last summer was. Also, don’t press the issue. Slide off, deflect, change the subject if the situation looks like it’s becoming an argument.

Just throw it out there. Plant the seed. Let it grow. These things don’t happen overnight, just as we didn’t become a conservative overnight. We didn’t just wake up one morning and thought “oh piffle, all of this leftist cant that we’ve internalized is a load of bullshit, we’re going to become a rightist now.” That’s not how psychology works. We are, all of us, naturally resistant to giving up ideas we thought were true, because it involves admitting that we were wrong, and that’s not easy, no matter how obviously wrong you are. Be honest with yourself, you know it’s true. And so, if challenged too hard, you will naturally shut down and become defensive if changing your mind means admitting that you got it wrong to begin with, which means that you won’t be receptive to any sort of logic. It’s self-defense, and you can’t shut it off.

But if the seed is planted you might find yourself thinking about it in days, weeks and months to come, and you’ll suddenly, whether you want to or not, start wondering if what you heard just might have some truth to it, especially if what you heard fits with what you observe. And then you might change your mind, because now you weren’t “made to” change it, you didn’t “lose” an argument, now it’s your own idea and your own observations.

This works particularly well if the initial seed fits with the truth. It becomes pretty unstoppable in those cases. But it also works if it isn’t, as long as those seeds are planted often enough.

How do we know?

Because it’s how the left won the last fifty years and because they followed that playbook to the letter and still do.

Remember: We learned from the best and the proof is right here where we are now.

It works. And it works so much better, again, when you have the truth on your side. And that’s the point of this whole ramble. We don’t have to make stuff up, we don’t have to use and discard and change our ideas, because they’re always true, they’ve worked all throughout human history and they always win out in the end because they are truly based on science, the science that the Prozis “love so fucking much.”

So be not afraid, but do speak up.

Plant those seeds. We have fertile soil now, thanks to King Obola and his junta of Prozis. The Gipper was a genius, and we pray that we may see his like again (and we’re confident that we will, we just don’t know when), but one HUGE contributor to his success is that he came along and spoke the truth at the end of an era of lies. The soil was fertile, thanks to Jimmuh Cah’duh and his cataclysmic incompetence, an incompetence that has been finally surpassed by his Jug-eared Unholiness, King Obola.

There never was a better time.

Let’s win this one.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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Library Czar
Library Czar
December 4, 2014 07:00

But wait, there’s more: Terry Bean and his boyfriend also allegedly drugged and raped underage boys. A Democrat supporter and Obama Cozy flown on AF1.

Radical Redneck
Radical Redneck
December 4, 2014 13:01

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,… Read more »

December 4, 2014 20:39

RR……….. Puke!…wipe, cough (sorry about that), but if she runs and (g*d forbid) wins, it will be past time to emigrate to TX where there may at least a fighting chance of survival as a separate country, assuming we are not under a state of siege before then.

LC Gregory
LC Gregory
December 5, 2014 07:36

Misha – THANK YOU for this!!!! This means so very much to me that you would do an entire posting.

When you wrote “Read the whole thing, of course,” you forgot to mention that it was written by a Loyal Citizen of the Anti-Idiotarian Empire, i.e. a Fellow Rott.


December 6, 2014 01:24

Great article by lc Gregory. Emperor Misha is absolutely right about dropping hints and observations to get people to come to our side. I have been doing this for years and know for a fact it has worked on many coworkers, friends, and family. It works best on a low info type but can be used also on the typical… Read more »

LC Gregory
LC Gregory
December 7, 2014 08:12

O My Emperor:

You Rock. You Rock like Slayer at Gibraltar.