Thanksgiving? Oops. We Do, Actually, Have a Great Deal to be Thankful For

Yes, we’re dreadfully sorry we failed to mention it, even in passing, but we were caught up working.

It doesn’t mean we weren’t observing it, however, quite to the contrary.

For one thing, we are thankful that we are working, something a record number of Americans can’t claim, thanks to King Obola of the Second Depression.

We are also thankful, and will ever be, that we’re living in a country where we, the people, still have the power to put said Obola in his place if he forces us to do so, unlike other countries in the world living in much worse conditions who don’t have such powers. We still can’t quite understand how we became worthy to be considered a citizen of such a nation, but we do know that we are grateful and that the oath we swore to protect her is binding for life, an oath that we will never betray no matter what others may choose.

And speaking of those who feel the same way, a group to whom all of you, dear readers, belong, we’re even more thankful to be counted among you. Better company no man or woman could ever hope for, no matter what the outcome. So we’re thankful for you too.

We’re thankful for the fine young men that are our Heirs, who will be as much of a problem and more for any future tyrants as ever we were, and we’re thankful for our health which, in spite of our best efforts to sabotage it, still allows us to be a pain in the arse to the meddlesome twits who dare think that they know better than we what’s good for us.

We DO know what’s good for THEM, and that is to leave people like you and us well alone. Other than that, we care not what they like or dislike.

And we are thankful for the knowledge that, in the long run, whatever may lie ahead of us, we will win and they will lose.

This nation would have never existed if it hadn’t been for that simple fact. If the first communist (they didn’t call it that at the time, but that’s what it was) colonists hadn’t realized the error of their ways and given up their imbecilic dreams of a “utopia” in which everybody would get their “fair” share regardless of contribution in favor of the free markets and the realization that every man has the right to the fruit of his labors, we wouldn’t be writing this, because that colony would have been nothing more than an archaeological dig.

If you need any further proof of the inevitability of the victory of liberty over slavery, you really have a serious problem accepting facts.

We are thankful for living in a nation that embodies that, that would never have existed except for that, no matter how many battles communists may have won since, because it proves that people like us will ALWAYS win in the end. And we get to have a front seat when it’s proven. Again.

We only want, but that’s because we’re an arsehole, to make sure that, when the soulless pricks are defeated again, we wipe them out. Publicly and very graphically. Not because it will keep the cancer from coming back, because lazy ne’erdowells will always be among us, just like we’ll never eradicate the common cold, but because it might keep them down for a bit longer this time.



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    And a Happy Thanksgiving (belated) to you Boss and to all the Rotties.

    I’m thankful for the health and happiness God has given my family and me, I’m thankful for the warm house and food that we have, I’m thankful that God has chosen to let me wake up one more day to feel the pain in my right knee (let’s me know I’m alive), and I’m thankful for the company of all the fine folk that make up the Rottweiler empire.

    And I am especially thankful for the nation, diminished in it’s greatness though it currently is, it will rise again and be the pillar of freedom and might that it should be. I am confident of that.

  2. 2

    Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery says:

    And I am especially thankful for the nation

    umm, that should be THIS nation….( need more coffee) :em02:

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    Retired Spook growls and barks:

    Thank you, Your Immensity, for reminding me that, while stuff is seriously upgefucht there is still a lot to be thankful for. And that while I don’t like what’s happening, that it could be orders-of-magnitude worse than it is. So I should probably quit my damned whining, pull up my big-boy skivvies, and get on with what needs doing.

    Thanks, I needed that!

  4. 4

    After what Jaybear and Spook said, not much to add, except that I was able to spend Thanksgiving Day quietly in my den working on a few guns, which goes hand in hand with what His Vileness said. We live in a nation where I, a simple common citizen (Not a subject) has the freedom to own a collection of weapons that could outfit a squad of infantry. Where else do people enjoy liberty, true liberty, such as this. And the great friends I have made right here amongst all of you, those still with us and those who have passed on.

    And on top of that, as miraculous as that is, God in all of His infinite wisdom, not only graced me with the privilege of wearing our nations uniform, but the uniform of a United States Marine.

    And for reasons known only to Him, He further blessed me with the most wonderful wife of whom I am not deserving, and three totally amazing children who I strive every day to be the father that they deserve.

    He also blessed me with enough hardships to allow me to appreciate all that He has given.

    I thank the All Merciful God for all of this, and for the blessings large and small that I am unaware of.

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    Radical Redneck growls and barks:

    ” rel=”nofollow”>I’m VERY grateful for wart removers! :em03:

  6. 6

    For once I’m grateful that I clicked one of Rad’s links,

  7. 7
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    Radical Redneck @ #:
    I’m grateful for the microfiber cloth that wiped the spittle from my screen.

  8. 8
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

    It can be very difficult at times to be a happy warrior for the cause, so I was glad to see this timely reminder. I try to practice gratitude whenever I can (generally, whenever I have calmed down from the latest bit of statist monkeyhammering).

    I am thankful for the Rottie community. While it exists, the flame of liberty and individualism remains alight.