Surely, the End Times are Upon Us!

When even Chris Tingles starts uttering coherent sentences displaying what might well be sentience, we can’t be far away from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Quoth Mr. “Tingles Up My Legs” about president Obola and his lickspittles:

“The fact that this President is getting advice from people that say, ‘You’re always right,’ is the problem,” Matthews opined. “He’s got too many sycophants around him telling him, ‘All you have to keep doing is what you’re doing.’”

You don’t say? Sure, you have the right of it, enabling a lunatic seldom does anything to cure his insanity, it is only the most inept of leaders who would surround himself with a gaggle of “advisors” trained to only say “yes, yes” and “oh, you’re so wonderful”, it’s just somewhat ironic to hear that from one of the worst sycophants of all, a slobbering drunken news anchor who’s been spending every minute of these past years masturbating to every word dribbling out of his Own Personal Chocolate Jesus’ mouth.

But don’t feel too bad about it, Christina. Even in a world where Obola’s praetorian prick lickers had spoken up, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Except under the wheels of your narcissistic fake Jesus’ bus.

If only there’d been a body of critics who couldn’t be fired by the object of their criticism, somebody who, fueled by a desire to help their idol do better, somebody like… the media?

You’re a bit late to that realization, sweet pea, aren’t you?

But that’s not the only epiphany that the sad, drooling old clown had last night:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What bothered me about him [today] he keeps talking about common ground. Damn it, there’s very little common ground between left and right, but what there is is compromise. You do something for me on minimum wage, I’ll do something for you in corporate tax reform. You give me something on corporate tax reform and I’ll get rid of some of the loopholes or I’ll do something on trade for you. He never talks about trading and compromising, he always talks about common ground. Well, damn it, you can not run a government on common ground.

He misses the main point of politics which is to be a politician and to trade.

Indeed he does. But where were you, Chris Tingles, when Obola uttered his infamous “I won” as his only response to including Republicans in how to hammer out the Porkulus giveaway? Did we miss every single time you called out for compromise and trade when your beloved imperiously refused to give even an inch on anything for six long years? Or did that never happen?

One thing we are sure of is that, once you get over the hangover from the copious amounts of Everclear you’ll be swilling over the next few days, you’ll be using that same argument aimed at the Republicans should they, against all hope and their track record, finally locate a testicle and try to stop Obola’s criminal overreach.

But still: There, for one brief moment, the scales fell from your eyes and you saw. Too little and far too late, but for a fleeting glimpse you had an actual thought. Cherish it.

Heck, you even had a sneering comment for Obola’s predictable “I’m wonderful, it’s the voters who are wrong” whine today:

“What I heard him do right now was, ‘I was right. We had the wrong electorate last night. I’d prefer a different electorate. I’d like the two-thirds of the people who didn’t vote to go vote.’ Well they didn’t vote. They didn’t show up.”

“Why don’t elect the voters?” Matthews mocked, “Why don’t we pick the voters and have them vote for us? Sycophancy!”

Yes. And you know what that’s called? It’s called fascism.

And even as we write this, Obola is getting ready to pick an electorate that he thinks will suit him better with his upcoming criminal executive order to grant amnesty to 20 million welfare clients.

If he isn’t stopped before that, it’s all over.

But at least we lived long enough to see Chris Matthews make sense. We never thought that would happen.



  1. 1
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    …copious amounts of Everclear….


  2. 2
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    “Compromise” is the main reason we are in the fix we are today. Politics has become what it is because of spineless bastards who stand for nothing.

    In many areas, compromise is a betrayal of our country’s principles but is done to get one’s pet bill passed in the Congress. In the case of the USA’s safety, it’s economy, and the well being of the electorate there should be no compromise – at least by anyone who says they honor the job done by the Founders.

    Republican, demoncRAT, or whatever – those who compromise any part of “providing for the common good” or pass a law that makes an end-run around the Constitution they are sworn to “Protect and Defend” should be removed from office in an expediently in any manner handy at the moment.


  3. 3
    LC FX Phillips growls and barks:

    “And even as we write this, Obola is getting ready to pick an electorate that he thinks will suit him better with his upcoming criminal executive order to grant amnesty to 20 million welfare clients.”

    Stop him? The fucking gentry GOP is looking for every reason to give him what he wants all the while wondering why with every fresh capitulation the Fascist Fucktard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue makes ever more extreme demands.

    The Obola press conference yesterday was a tour de force in political thuggery in which he said if you don’t give me what I want I’m going to do it anyway. Just daring Mitch McCockless and Weepy Boner to do something anything to stop his treason.

    In the meantime we have the phlegmatic duo are mewling like the supplicants they have always been- from today’s WSJ-the voice of the ruling class RINO’s.

    Instead, we will restore an era in which committees in both the House and Senate conduct meaningful oversight of federal agencies and develop and debate legislation; and where members of the minority party in both chambers are given the opportunity to participate in the process of governing.

    emphasis mine.

    They have no interest in bringing this president to heel and reign in a criminal bureaucracy that abuses American citizens on a daily basis. They still haven’t learned a lesson. They can’t be that stupid. So that leaves the possibility that this is collusion with the senior partner in the ruling class cabal all for a few crumbs from the crony socialist table.

  4. 4
    Libsareb Raindead growls and barks:

    Yes, we must be living in TET now …and don’t call me Shirley. :em05:

    Chrissy is once again suffering an extremely nasty bout of Totalitarian Socialist Projection Disorder. Thankfully, there’s neither cure nor treatment for that terminal “mental” emotional disease. There’s no way to make those afflicted by it more comfortable, either, since reality has a viciously malignant habit of intruding most rudely upon their already thoroughly addled, microagression-obsessed “brains” invariably at the least opportune times. Usually the best course of action for all concerned is to humor them by telling them what they’re doing is completely OK and they should keep on doing it no matter what. Trying to tell them that their only hope is to change what they’re doing is pointless, as that will only set off the Leftourette’s Syndrome always accompanying their TSPD, with you winding up being ferociously inundated with an unimaginative string of mindless invective like “you-you-racist-sexist-homophobe-warmonger-etc-etc-etc!!11!!!1!” which merely serves to betray their true selves and their incessant “mental” emotional struggles.

    Our job must be to raise the public’s awareness of this self-infliction. For Teh Common Good&trade, of course.

  5. 5

    Distressing news via Nat. Our beloved friend Delfts is in critical condition, this according to his brother’s FB post:

    Pieter Meyer
    4 mins ·

    Please pray for my brother Bert. Had massive heart attack and had to be lifelined from one hospital to another. Chances are not well. In critical condition, and may take up to three days to know how things may turn out.

    Please send your prayers, good vibes and thoughts, and cosmic karma.

  6. 6
    fporretto growls and barks:

    I am particularly pleased that Obama has dropped the last of his masks. To anyone who still can’t recognize his sociopathy: Check your pulse. You may have died and not noticed.

  7. 7
    L.C. Mope growls and barks:

    I think this would be a good time to pass out dead pussy surveys to Idiotarians like Chrissy. I remember when these douche bags did everything in their ability to undermine a sitting president at a time of war. Screw them, and I don’t want to hear the lamentation of this woman.


    Get Well soon, Delfts, We’ll have a Ceegar. A Cuban Style Ceegar. (Only thing a commie can do right.)

  8. 8
    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    Oh My God, I was laughing at PMS-NBC having it’s weep fest. The next day, most of Talk Radio was gloating, but did end with the following warning:

    OK, GOP you didn’t get this victory for your awesomeness, no offense to the new candidates who won, you go it cuz the Dems suck so bad. That being said, you’ve got a charge to keep. Change up your leadership ASAP. Repeal the bad legislation, put in good. If not, you’ll be on the receiving in, again. However, til then, Harry Reid, suck it!

  9. 9
    Sir Fresh Sign growls and barks:

    Love this