About the Chickenshit Controversy

We are, of course, referring to the “anonymous, high-ranking Obola official” who referred to Bibi Netanyahu as “chickenshit” here.

First off, coming from a people with a sense of honour so ingrained that we’ve ofttimes got ourselves in trouble for sticking to it, our first reaction was to think “consider the source.”

To be called “chickenshit” by the most cowardly, honourless, criminal and craven administration in our nation’s history is an honour in and of itself.

No truly honourable man would ever want to be called anything short of that by such spineless worms. It is a compliment of the highest order to be looked down upon by creatures not worthy of licking the shit off of a whore’s filthy feet.

While Bibi was off risking his life splitting the turnips of terrorist scum, president Obola was busy smoking ganja and getting affirmative action appointments left, right and center.

We would be shamed into permanent silence if we were to receive praise from the administration of a useless waste of skin such as Obola.

Still, nobody said it better than Naftali Bennet:

Israel is stronger than all of its defamers.

The Prime Minister of Israel is not a private person. He is the leader of the Jewish State and the entire Jewish people. Cursing the prime minister and calling him names is an insult not just to him but to the millions of Israeli citizens and Jews across the globe.

The leader of Syria who slaughtered 150,000 people was not awarded the name “chickenshit”. Neither was the leader of Saudi Arabia who stones women and homosexuals or the leader of Iran who murders freedom protestors.

If what appears in the press is true, then it seems that the current US administration is throwing Israel under the bus.

Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East and has been fighting 66 years to survive. Israel is at the forefront of the free world’s fight against the Islamic terror of ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran. Instead of attacking Israel and putting it at risk, the world should be strengthening and supporting it.

I call on the US administration to immediately reject these gross comments.

Which they won’t.

Obola’s spokestools have already declared no interest in ferreting out who this “anonymous official” was, most likely because it was their boss, and the self-hating Jews of America won’t in the slightest change their voting habits since they’re no different from the Kapos of WWII, but it’s about time that somebody called them out.

Israel is, has always been and remains our most stalwart ally in the Middle East, our ONLY true ally, and we owe her more than what we’re giving her.

I am deeply ashamed that we are treating her the way we are, and I am even more deeply ashamed that I share the citizenship of such worthless worms as those who voted for the slithering slime mold who currently inhabits the Oval Office.

May G-d have mercy and forgive us all.



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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    The Prime Minister of Israel is not a private person. He is the leader of the Jewish State and the entire Jewish people.

    I’m sure that’s news to many Jews. Don’t think he ever claimed this.

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    lc purple raider growls and barks:

    What did you expect from an administration who would love to have their own version of the Final Solution?

  3. 3
    Radical Redneck growls and barks:

    ” rel=”nofollow”>Worst “Lady” on her wedding night! :em06:

  4. 4

    I am even more deeply ashamed that I share the citizenship of such worthless worms as those who voted for the slithering slime mold who currently inhabits the Oval Office.

    I’m not ashamed, I’m not ashamed because I try to be an example of what a citizen of this country should be…..independent, generous and giving to others in need, proud of the men and women who wear the uniform and defend this great country and supporting them any way I can, desiring that all of our citizens have liberty and prosperity and love of this country. The worthless worms that you refer to do not want any of that nor do they have any interest in any of that. They may be citizens by birth or naturalization, but I share nothing with them other than that.

    I also stand with Israel because she represents all that is good and worth defending to the death, while surrounded by subhumans and bigots of the worst kind who know nothing but murder and intolerance for Jews and gays and women and civilized people who don’t bow down to their bestial demon called allah. Bibi and anyone else who hasn’t sold their souls to their dark ideaology can see that, and see it clearly. Netanyahu doesn’t need to make excuses for his actions to preserve Israel, he doesn’t need to be bothered by the juvenile schoolyard insults of this administration either……..he only needs to consider the source and that will explain all.

  5. 5
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    the slithering slime mold who currently inhabits the Oval Office.

    Your being awful harsh with the slime molds there.

  6. 6
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    Radical Redneck @ #:
    She’s really let herself go since.

  7. 7
    readerjp growls and barks:

    That doesn’t even touch the reality of what’s been going on.

    During the war with Gaza, Israel desperately needed equipment, which the White House refused to allow. Even though there was an agreement in place.

    Abbas and Hamas are inciting a third intifada in Jerusalem.

    Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian groups are using children from east Jerusalem and the West Bank in what appears to be a new intifada against Israel. These children are being sent to throw stones and firebombs, and launch fireworks at policemen and IDF soldiers, as well as at Israeli civilians and vehicles, including buses and the light rail in Jerusalem.

    There are also reports that Fatah and Hamas activists in Jerusalem have been paying children to throw stones and firebombs at Israelis. The time has come for the international community and media to demand that Palestinian groups stop hiding behind children.

    2 people, one of them a 3-month-old baby, are dead because some worthless piece of shit drove his car into people waiting for a train. The Guardian said it was a “traffic accident.” Reuters went with “Israelis kill Arab man in Jerusalem.”

    As for the Chickenshit POTUS, Netanyahu was in the Special Commando, most dangerous mission unit and nearly died in the Suez Canal in 1969.

    You should read the article, you’ll like it , it tells what kind of gun he had an what kind of ammo.

  8. 8
    SoCalOilMan, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Right now I am just hoping, not counting on, but hoping that Israel can weather the next two years. If we get the congress back next Tuesday things should smooth out a little for them until 2016. But if Hillary or some other Dem gets elected president, I’d say Israel is in for major hurt and the ME goes up in flames.

  9. 9
    LC Xystus growls and barks:


    Abbas and Hamas are inciting a third intifada in Jerusalem.

    Maybe the US needs its own “intifada”–uprising. :em03:

  10. 10
    irish19 growls and barks:

    Radical Redneck @ #:
    I am NOT going near that link.

  11. 11
    LC Ted growls and barks:

    Since the press sec says they’re not going to investigate, They know who said it. Which leads me to think it was POTUS. They dont want that to become public knowledge.

  12. 12
    KArnold growls and barks:

    In a more civilized and polite society, the “chickenshit” allegation would have resulted in a challenge to a duel. The fear of having to meet your nemesis at dawn and face off with pistols or swords had a tendency of making people consider their words carefully and be willing to defend them.

    And believe you me, if this were to happen, I’d be selling it on pay-per-view.

    Imagine Bibi holding the SCOAMF, or Kerry, or whoever the miscreant actually is at swordpoint, and reciting: “It would be humiliating. Having to lie there while the better man refuses to spill your blood. Mercy is the mark of a great man.” POKE. “Guess I’m just a good man.” POKE. “Well, I’m all right.”

  13. 13
    Veeshir growls and barks:

    The problem is that Obama is not on the side of western civilization.

    He’s more of a banana republic sort of thug.

  14. 14
    LC MaxMomFL growls and barks:

    *Standing Ovation*