First Australia, now Canada.


TERROR has struck the heart of Canada today after a gunman shot dead a ceremonial guard at the war memorial, before being killed in the halls of Canada’s parliament.

A known jihadi walks up to a soldier at the memorial (What price your extensive gun laws NOW, Canada? Didnt stop this guy, did it?) and murders him point blank.

Mr Harper said the shootings today and earlier this week in Quebec showed that “Canada is not immune to terrorist attacks”.

No sir, you are not.

Despite your leftist bleatings, despite your snivelling and hiding behind the UN about the “illegal” war in Iraq..the enemy has come to you, and sent you a message, clear and plain as day.

You were warned.

There is no safe place. In war, there never is.

Go away and hide under the bed, appease the savage in hopes he will leave you alone, is no guarantee he will not still come to you in the dead of night. Thanks to the Sergeant at Arms, said murderer now answers to a higher Court.

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There is the face of your future. Mark it well. And remember.

For there will be others.


  1. 1
    readerjp growls and barks:

    I’m just reading about this story.

    Stupid quote #1 –

    Security in Ottawa came under criticism after the gunman was able to run through the unlocked front door of the main parliament building.

    “It caught us by surprise … If we had known that this was coming, we would have been able to disrupt it,” Gilles Michaud, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP) told a news conference.

    Yeah, and if we’d known Arabs were going to attack us on 9/11, we could have stopped that too.

    stupid quote #2 –

    The killing of the Canadian soldier was the second this week with a possible link to Islamic militants.

    But the President of the U.S. told us that Islam is a peaceful religion!

    Stupid quote #3

    Witness accounts indicated the man who shot dead the soldier guarding the National War Memorial in central Ottawa, went on to attack the parliament building minutes later. Canadian police said, however, they could not confirm it was the same person.

    The shooting followed an attack on two soldiers in Quebec on Monday carried out by a convert to Islam. U.S. officials said they had been advised the dead gunman in Wednesday’s shootings was also a Canadian convert to Islam.

    Nah, nothing to do with Islam.

    When will people understand that there is nowhere to hide? That wherever you have Islam, you have violence, terror and murder.

  2. 2
    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    Here are Canada’s gun laws.

    More restrictive than ours. Not that it ever does any good. But get the gun grabbers to see that?..not a chance in Hell.

  3. 3
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    This shit is only going to get worse as our Jihadi-in-Chief steps up his support of the caliphate.

  4. 4
    single stack growls and barks:

    If that picture is of the killer I suppose we’ll be hearing how evil assault lever actions are and the need to ban them.

  5. 5
    LC PrimEviL growls and barks:

    My deepest condolences to the family, friends, and professional associates of the one slain.
    I will not indulge in any ‘told you so’ schadenfreude here.
    It is dishonorable.

    So many carp about the Left rolling in the blood of innocents, but only too often I see the same here.

    Shame on you.