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The inimitable Victor Davis Hanson, scores one with a brilliant piece over at NRO.

“Making Harding Look Good”.

Hanson gives a well put together, step-by-step outline of just how utterly incompetent and viciously partisan the Ogabe administration really is.

A great snippet to get the article started here:

Many have described the Obama departure from the 70-year-old bipartisan postwar foreign policy of the United States as reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s failed 1977–81 tenure. There is certainly the same messianic sense of self, the same naïveté, and the same boasts of changing the nature of America, as each of these presidents was defining himself as against supposedly unpopular predecessors. But the proper Obama comparison is not Carter, but rather Warren G. Harding.

Great Stuff……

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    kmhendu growls and barks:

    Obozo is far and away the worst charlatan to get elected in a “free” country since the likes of Adolph. Don’t be surprised come January 21, 2017 Obama is still president. I know, I know, that’s crazy talk. But step back and think about it. People like him never relinquish power easily. I could cite many examples but I think you all know who they are and most if not all are some of Obama’s heroes.