But Seriously, Hildebeest: What Difference, at this Point, Does it Make?

We simply will never tire of that line wherever that hideous, lying, Prozi hag is concerned.

Thanks to LC readerjp, we have the first reactions from Cankles Benghazi on the Hobby Lobby decision:

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Monday chastised the Supreme Court for ruling that an employer can refuse to provide women with contraception on religious grounds.

We have to pause for a moment to savor the cosmic clusterfuckedness in somebody like Hillary “Youtube Video Benghazi” Clinton “chastising” anybody about anything. Not to mention that NBC can’t even make it through one paragraph without bending the truth over a barrel and attempting to insert their tiny little penises into its rectum. Hobby Lobby DOES provide contraception coverage. They just aren’t down with paying for abortions.

“Well I obviously disagree,” Clinton said when asked about the court’s 5-4 decision during the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

Good. Because if you didn’t, you disgusting insult to humanity, we’d have to conclude that SCOTUS screwed it up again when Benedict Roberts got the wrong leg out of the bed this morning.

“I disagree with the reasoning as well as the conclusion. Just think about this for a minute.”

Clinton noted that the ruling could be broadened out to include other medical procedures that other religions object to.

Yes. That’s what this whole “freedom of religion” thing pretty much amounts to. We know that it horrifies you, but there it is.

“So does that mean if you have need for a blood transfusion your insurance doesn’t have to cover it?” she asked.

Why yes, yes it does. Provided your insurance company, or the company subsidizing your policy with them, objects to blood transfusions on religious grounds, that is.

“So I mean this is a really bad slippery slope.”

It’s charming how Prozis like the Hildebeest are all up in arms against slippery slope arguments — whenever the slippery slope slides in a different direction from where they want to go, that is. In all other cases, it’s just the fevered imaginations of extremist nutjobs.

But, not being a Prozi fascist, His Imperial Majesty is not going to casually dismiss her warning. Instead we’ll gird our loins and prepare ourself for the societal collapse that will inevitable ensue when our Jehovah’s Witnesses controlled economy collapses in a giant heap of fiery doom.

Or their three employees decide to go get a job elsewhere, whichever happens first.

She also guessed that some businesses would lie about religion just to avoid higher costs.

And nobody, nobody knows more about lying that Hillary “Youtube” Benghazi. You have to give her that much. In His Imperial Majesty’s home country we have a saying: “A thief thinks everybody steals.”

We rest our case.

“I think there should be a real outcry against this kind of decision,” she said.

Oh but there is, your Cankledness! All of your Prozi drones are, as we speak, screaming about how they want to burn down businesses and make even more people unemployed than even your Prozi Party managed in the past Five Fucking Years. If only they’d put their energy into something useful. But that would require for them to develop sentience, so that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

“Many more companies will claim religious beliefs and some will be sincere, but others maybe not. And we’re going to see this one insurable service cut out from many, many women.”

Who will then have to pony up the ten bucks themselves to pay for their own choices. What kind of a monster would want a society like THAT?



  1. 1
    Special Ed growls and barks:

    FOIST! And I read part of the dissent by Ginsberg. Nothing to do with the actual, you know, constitutionality or anything. But UNFAIR!!

  2. 2
    VAconservative growls and barks:

    Schadenfreude times ten !

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Special Ed @ #:

    I read part of the dissent by Ginsberg. Nothing to do with the actual, you know, constitutionality or anything. But UNFAIR!!

    That dried up old communist hasn’t had anything good to say about the constitution ever. She prefers the South African constitution. The only decisions the court was unanimous on were those that affected them directly. (The got that one right)

  4. 4
    LC SecondMouse growls and barks:

    Hitlery does us a favor here by illustrating one of the central tenets of Statism: a fear of the freedom of others. She disagrees with the ruling because she lives in mortal fear of the idea that someone might do something that she has not previously approved of. If an outcome that she believes is less than perfect ‘social justice’ is even theoretically possible, something must be done to force compliance with the official truth.

    She and others like her have deliberately ignored history in order to have their day in the driver’s seat. Forget that real freedom, while it lasted, made this nation grow to become the greatest in the history of humanity in less than 10 generations. Forget also that the actions and policies of her kind throughout history have always led to death and misery. These facts, although they are as real as sunlight, matter not when her opportunity to wield power over us is concerned.

    I yearn for the day when a majority of Americans have learned that the ideas and actions of people like Shrillary mark them as dangerous sociopaths who probably can’t be trusted to operate a fryolator, let alone a nation.

  5. 5
    Library Czar growls and barks:

    “So does that mean if you have need for a blood transfusion your insurance doesn’t have to cover it?” she asked.

    I’m surprised Ruth Pol Pot GInsberg (I read part of her descent into totalitarianism) disagreed with this. Using her twisted and inconsistent logic of its ok to rip an unborn baby (Latin Fetus) limb from limb causing its death. Denying a blood transfusion in some cases also may cause death. Something you would think she would want to be consistent about. The end goal being the death of the patient not what was provided or denied by health care. Though as someone providing health care I’ve never understood how killing your patient is providing care?

    Since the old hag likes the South African Constitution so much I’d like to offer her a South African necklace…

  6. 6
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    The super ironically ironical thing is that the majority opinion didn’t sight the First Amendment, it sighted the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which was sponsored by Schmucky Schumer and The Swimmer, and signed into law by her beard husband.

  7. 7
    readerjp growls and barks:

    When I first read it, I couldn’t believe.it. The First Amendment? Relgious freedom?

    Even using Talmudic logic, how in the hell is refusing to pay for an abortion comparable to refusing to give a blood transfusion? Anyway, I believe it is law in this country that hospitals and doctors cannnot refuse life-saving emergency treatment. Unless, of course, if it’s the GOVERNMENT in charge, like the VA.

    Only Hillary would think that relgious people would automatically lie. She cannot conceive of people believing in something besides the Law of Self or the Religion of Clinton.

    And as for lying, she ADMITS in her book that she knew the Benghazi video story was a lie, AT THE VERY TIME IT WAS UTTERED. BY OBAMA.. She almost had a crisis of – well, Iet’s be charitable and call it conscience – but she went along with it, for WHAT? Obeying her tyrant? Not ruining her chances with the Democratic party to become a presidential nominee? Hell, in her head, being a nominee is the same as being president. If Obama could fraud his way into becoming president, surely she can do it.

    The funny thing is, why does she deserve to become president? What has she done besides sleep (at least once) with the president of the U.S.? So she’s the Evita Peron of our generation. She didn’t introduce legislation when she was a NY senator, she just followed in the footsteps of Bobby Kennedy in using the position as a stepping-stone for becomine a a presidential nominee. And you know, when she was picked by the Democrats to become part of their investigation team, she was FIRED by her boss. 1. She wasn’t a good lawyer and 2. He said he couldn’t rely on her information, because it was FALSE. Imagine that?!

    If she were to become a nominee, then I would volunteer for the other side and run ONE commercial over and over and over. Where she said “At this point, what does it matter?” Followed by comments from the families of the victims and someone in the military explaining things like “honor” and “dignity” and “obligation.”

    Finally, as somewhat of a religious person myself, I believe it is the HIGHEST OBLIGATION to save a life if you can. The fact that she could just turn away and let them knowingly be butchered, is the BIGGEST SIN of all. It just shows how she has no concept of religion or morality. She worships POWER. And she’d do anything to get it.

    She fell down that slippery slope and into the sewers long ago.

    Sorry for the length, but I feel VERY strongly about this.

  8. 8
    Jerome growls and barks:

    When the clusterfuck formally known as the affordable care act passed a woman I know was bragging about how great it was tasty she could now get the birth control she wanted without paying for it. I pointed out the fact that she can walk into any womans clinic and get the pill for $10. She said that wasn’t good enough and she wanted the implant. Me, being the asshole that I am, asked her why I should be forced (through government subsidies and higher prices for insurance) to pay for her birth control when she isn’t being forced to pay for my cholesterol medication. She told me that my meds were the result of lifestyle choices and she shouldn’t have to pay because I am eating cheese burgers. I told her in response that she didn’t have to spread her legs and since I wasn’t the one fucking her I shouldn’t be forced to pay for her lifestyle either. Needles to say I haven’t talked to her since but I doubt she’s happy about this decision since she worked for hobby lobby :em05:

  9. 9
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Jerome @ #:

    I told her in response that she didn’t have to spread her legs and since I wasn’t the one fucking her I shouldn’t be forced to pay for her lifestyle either. Needles to say I haven’t talked to her since but I doubt she’s happy about this decision since she worked for hobby lobby

    :em05: :em07: :em05:
    Hmm, I wonder is she was one of the cumdumpsters who wanted to burn every hobby lobby store to the ground?

  10. 10
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    Here’s a fun idea: since we know Planned Parenthood was founded with the intent to exterminate the black population in America, and that abortion disproportionately (and intentionally) affects blacks, and that leftist immigration policies have led to thousands of black teens being gunned down by hispanic street gangs every year; the next time some prozi hag starts flapping her cockholster about “pro-choice this, reproductive rights that,” shout her down with accusations of racism. Yell at her that she supports racial genocide. Stop passers-by on the street and tell them that she’s a klansman who gets off on the idea of dead black babies. Or do the social media equivalent if it’s on Facebook or Twitter or whatever. +1000 bonus points if she starts crying.
    A dick move? You bet your ass. But they’re the ones intent on starting CW2 in order to enslave us all, so we may as well have a little fun with them before the shooting starts.

  11. 11
    kwongdzu growls and barks:

    Just buy them all Hillary masks. Birth control problem solved and no refills needed.

  12. 12
    LC hilljohnny growls and barks:

    readerjp says:

    Only Hillary would think that relgious people would automatically lie.

    I think she means non-religious people would lie to get exemptions. basically she only understands people like herself.

  13. 13
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Tweet of the Year from Sean Davis (@seanmdav):

    “Get your politics out of my bedroom!!”

    “Not a problem. I’m just going to grab my wallet before I leave.”

    “The wallet stays, bigot.”

  14. 14
    LC R6 growls and barks:

    What pisses me off about shrillary and her heaping helping of horseshit is that free contraception is already available to all women in both name brand and generic forms.

    Name brand: Dignity

    Generic: Keep your whoring knees together.

  15. 15
    VAconservative growls and barks:

    readerjp @ #:

    Don’t mind your length. We Rotties are patient, and literate, unlike many on the left. And I agree with you. Keep it up.

  16. 16
    JakeTheSnake growls and barks:

    Cankles Benghazi??? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!