It has come to our attention, actually it has been known to us for a while but we were holding off the news a bit because the subject of it hates it when people fuss over him, that our very own LC Brendan, our favorite beer-swilling Oz, is about to undergo surgery for a parathyroid adenoma. On June 20 (Oz time, they’re a day ahead you know), to be exact.

The surgery is complicated somewhat by the adenoma being situated right next to his vocal cord and his vagus nerve, but he assures us that he has the best surgeons known to Australia, which had damn well better be true or we will teach them the meaning of fear.

Still, no matter how qualified the surgeon, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if you were to send some prayers or happy thoughts up to your chosen deity on his behalf.

Be well, Brendan, and may G-d guide the hands and minds of your healers and ensure you a quick and full recovery.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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