The only reason we link this article is that it is good to be reminded, in clear language, of just how spineless, cowardly and unworthy a nation we’ve become.

It’s certainly not to raise anybody’s hopes that anything will actually be done, but read it nonetheless. The author clearly, irrefutably, sums up just a few of the crimes against the Constitution that the usurping criminal-in-chief and his lawless band of politicians, laughably called a “party”, have committed.

There is more than enough to try, convict and hang a thousand Obamas in there, and it is good that somebody still takes the time to sum such things up, in spite of how pointless it has become.

Pointless because this nation is a nation led by pussies. The GOP should be proud to possess the courage and conviction of the Italian or French armies of WWII, but they don’t even rate that highly. To compare our current GOP to the French leadership of May and June 1940 would be an unforgivable insult to the latter.

Today’s GOP would not only have surrendered to Adolf Hitler in a matter of weeks and helped him round up the Jews, they would have been on their knee pads slurping his cock eagerly before he’d even given the order to invade.

So nothing’s going to come of it.

The Republic is dead. It died to the sound of thunderous applause, and not a single soul among our “leadership” stayed their hands, choosing instead to rush to Obama’s crotch, eager to get there before their Democrat Socialist “opposition.”

The Republic is dead. We might restore it, but it is far too late to save it.

But first we’ll need 535 ropes. Just to get started.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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