Canned Stupid™

We must say, there really is no Grand Mystery involved when it comes to “Who Killed the Republic” when we have mouth-breathing liberal clue-fearing imbeciles like the one described in this article about how libtards in Austin find themselves priced out of their homes (h/t LC & IB Mike Hendrix):

“I’m at the breaking point,” said Gretchin Gardner, an Austin artist…

…aaaand we could stop right there, at “Austin artist”, and need say not one single word more. But we won’t, because we like nursing our Colossal SchadenBoner™.

who bought a 1930s bungalow in the Bouldin neighborhood just south of downtown in 1991 and has watched her property tax bill soar to $8500 this year.
“It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes,” said Gardner, who attended both meetings [of “irate homeowners”]. “I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better. But now I can’t afford to live here anymore.”

No. She doesn’t mind paying taxes. She just didn’t expect that she would have to pay them, just like every other socialist ProgNazi, ever so generous with other people’s money.

What in the name of Mercury’s hemorrhoids did you expect would happen to your tax bill when you kept voting for every “freebie” you could lay your greedy, piggy progressive eyes on?

It reminds us of the ProgNazi couple from KKKalifornikate who found that they couldn’t keep the plan they liked because it had been priced out of existence by their masturbation fantasy, Obama. “We’ve always been in favor of free healthcare, we just didn’t expect that we would have to pay for it.”

It’s always somebody else who is supposed to pick up the tab for the ProgNazi socialists’ vote buying schemes, and that’s at the rotten, filthy, thieving, oppressive core of every single thrice-damned pestilential socialist’s being: “Somebody else will pay for this, and that’s why I’m for it.”

Sucks, doesn’t it? “Somebody else” is fresh out of money, so we guess you’re going to have to pay for your own “largesse” for once.

We didn’t kill enough of you parasites during WWII. Great pity, that. But it’s never too late to start picking up the slack.


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BC, Imperial Torturer
BC, Imperial Torturer
June 3, 2014 21:47

The words of Maggie Thatcher never rang truer.

I believe the appropriate phrase here would be: F.E.T.E.

June 3, 2014 22:30

Take Bill Whittle’s advice now: build a border fence around Austin & don’t let anybody out, and patrol the interstates with predator drones & take out any car with a California plate.

LC SecondMouse
LC SecondMouse
June 4, 2014 14:49

Natural selection used to take care of this kind of stuff. If you were too stupid to feed yourself or stumbled across a predator unprepared, your genes were removed from the pool and the quality of what remained was maintained. Unfortunately, our nation is so wealthy and our government so large that stupid people can proliferate at will, doing stupid… Read more »

June 4, 2014 18:53

i am old and don’t give a shit anymore because my wife and have more than we need to take care of ourselves.we bought land guns and gold so fuck with us at your own peril.the gravel road to my home is covered with sensors and cameras so we know who comes down it.the guns i have will shoot throught… Read more »

LC Roguetek
LC Roguetek
June 9, 2014 01:18

TO be fair, there’s a lot of tech jobs in Austin. I’d rather not have to deal with a border checkpoint when I’m fleecing austinites.