Generation Idiot

P.J. O’Rourke strikes again.

Rutgers, that famed ranked number 69th university in whatever the Hades barbaroi province it resides in, recently got noted for raising Cain about inviting professor Rice, an accomplished black woman who worked her arse from nothing (in the Jim Crow Democrat South that libnorants like to wail about, no less, even though they have developed selective amnesia when it comes to just exactly which party it was that stood for slavery and, after that, segregation) to becoming, among other accomplishments too numerous to mention, a professor (already mentioned), an accomplished concert pianist and the first black female secretary of state.

Which led to her being disinvited in favor of some reliably liberal fascist demoturd who’d say all the right things. Because BOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHH!!!

Mustn’t make the future vote slaves on the liberal fascist plantation think that they, too, might aspire to more than plebeian status, you know. Might upset the demoturd patricians, don’t you know?

PJ, obviously, was not one of the alternatives invited. He has a reputation of being honest and familiar with facts, neither of which are things that belong in the modern liberal fascist pantheon.

But his never-held commencement speech is a thing to behold. One slight excerpt, but you really have to read it all:

Some of your professors don’t believe that Secretary Rice would be worth listening to. Some believe you need to be taught to disapprove of her morals and ethics. I am quoting your state’s Star-Ledger newspaper: “‘Attending the teach-in will be a strong signal that we will not sit quietly while a small group of irresponsible people [although I’d thought we’d established who they were during the sit-in] dishonor our beloved university,’ said history professor Rudolph Bell.”

Rudolph “Jingle” Bell. It is to be hoped poor Rudolph doesn’t have a very shiny nose.

Anyway, you might have heard something good from Secretary Rice. You’ll hear nothing good from me.

And he’s right about that. Not that the self-obsessed, vain, useless ne’erdowells deserve to hear anything good. They’re Generation Idiot, the wasted generation, the ones who just might conceivably be remembered favorably as useful fertilizer for future turnip harvests. If they’re lucky.

Personally, His Majesty hopes that they will be remembered. As a cautionary tale for future generations of actually useful humans, and by cautionary tale we mean “something to put the fear of G-d into them so they’ll eat their damn vegetables and learn their multiplication tables.”

And, if so remembered, they might in the end turn out to have been at least marginally more useful than Justin Bieber.



  1. 1
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    First Condi, then Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Seems like the fucktards in academia are conducting a #WarOnBlackWomen.

  2. 2
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    No. no Eric. you have the field of vision set too narrow. To a libtardus democratus emeritus ALL persons of any shade skin other than white who are conservative, are the enemy. It is a war on all persons of any sex, of any non white skin color, that happen to be conservative, after all, can’t have the slaves leaving the plantation, can we? For some odd reason the only ones they seem to ingnore are the Chinese, maybe they figure all of them are conservative and not worth trying to bamboozle.

  3. 3
    single stack growls and barks:

    And, if so remembered, they might in the end turn out to have been at least marginally more useful than Justin Bieber.

    Damn, talk about setting the bar low…

  4. 4
    VAconservative growls and barks:

    Loving PJ’s work for many a year. He nailed it. And Single Stack, with the group of nitwits they have at Rutgers (NJ State U), the Bieber bar might be a stretch.

  5. 5

    PJ O’Rourke is a hero of mine, I’ve heard him speak in person and he is brilliant and damned hilarious. He pulls no punches.

    30 years later I still get fundraising calls from the University of Colorado, I see them come over on the call list on the phone and rather than ignore them I pick them up. I let the fundraiser (usually some minimum wage paid student) make the pitch, then politely tell them that I will not give a dime to the University because of the political stances that they take, and once they adopt a more neutral middle of the road policy regarding curriculum and politics I will consider donating. Most of these kids listen politely, some of them just thank me and hang up but a few have told me that they hear that more and more from alumni……I reply that the college would be smart to listen to them.

  6. 6
    Eric Praline growls and barks:

    Slightly OT, but anybody else surprised that Sec. Rice is old enough to have experienced the Demonrat Jim Crow South? She looks damn fine for her age, especially given the stress she was under Jan. 01-Jan. 09. No wonder the lib-fascist harpies hate her so much.

  7. 7
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Just heard: the “Ground Zero” museum in New York City fought against displaying the Ground Zero cross at all — thanks to the atheists, radical Jews, and moslems — and finally, grudgingly agreed to include it.


    You know, like in the Black Mass of Satanists.

    This goes along with the Democratic National Convention denying God three times — remember THAT one?

  8. 8

    *SIGH* Do some research on the Mk. 19. I’m thinking a couple of those could really help.

  9. 9
    bruce growls and barks:

    misha you were talking about what to do about perverts who come near your mom told me to run to the neighbors but i am thinking i need an edge so i put statreigec piles of rocks around my mom was right because when i was 7 a pervert shows up he was about 20 and he said he just wanted to push me on the he started pushing the swing but every time i came back iwould feel some thing sticking me in the back. it was his dick so i knew he was a perv i slowly walked over the one of my rock piles,picked up the biggest one and threw it as hard as i could.the rock knocked him on his ass as i took off running to the neighbors who called the cops. :em05:

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