Articles from October 2021

Prosperity and economic growth

Civilizations prosper when they reach a level of labor efficiency that allows for sufficient food and protection from the elements, with some hours daily to think and analyze what is about them. By this we historically meant every able bodied person over age 14 was in the labor force other than those remaining home to

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Near 70 turns around the Sun

I consider to have had the good fortune of being an observant little tyke, noticing and filing away cause and effect from a very early age. This is a survival skill and is ingrained in every human being and some other animals, though one could argue as to the degree based on how modern society

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The Natives Grow Restless

The resistance to dictatorial government policies appears to be on the rise around the globe (finally!) and I now think it is only a matter of weeks before capitulations begin to domino across the Anglosphere and the EU. Meanwhile, some other interesting things are happening, such as the possibility of Greater

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