Articles from August 2018

A Pity He Missed the Remake of Psycho

But maybe they’ll do it once again, just for him. Looks like somebody finally got around to shit-canning Peter Strzok, the pathological liar extraordinaire of the FIB, who then immediately started a GoFundMe campaign for himself because obviously he hasn’t quite had enough of other people’s money yet. It must be his “insurance policy” against

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Least Surprising News of the Week

Allegedly Keith Ellison is a woman-beating, abusing arsehole. My name is Austin Monahan and I am writing this letter on behalf of me and my brother. My brother and I watched our mom come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship with Keith Ellison. For several months we knew something wasn’t right

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Proving Your Critics’ Point

Or, in a more long-winded turn of phrase not really suited for a headline, “in order to prove that we are not, in fact, those things of which we’ve been accused, we’re going to do exactly what we’ve been unfairly accused of.” Not a new tactic, nor is it a particularly effective one, as we’ve

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Yep, Let’s Have a War

It seems to be the rallying cry behind everything that Congress says or does these days. Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the US today that the applications of sanctions by Congress and Donald Trump would amount to an act of “economic war.” If that’s the case, how does Russia define its chemical-weapons assassination attempts

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Breaking News: Russian Bots™ Land in Ohio, Establish Foothold, Cleverly Disguise Themselves as “Green Party”

Confusion reigned as hordes of “voters” wearing “Green Party” lapel pins stormed voting booths, stealing votes that the Prozi People’s Party desperately needed in the OH-12 special election. Expert intelligence analyst Alyssa Milano, however, was not fooled by their laughable disguises, noticing immediately their suspicious accents as well as the trail of empty vodka bottles,

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Raise Your Hands, Anybody Who Didn’t See This Coming

So yesterday or the day before, we’re not quite sure, Alex Jones’ InfoWars got “de-platformed” (a much more modern and, dare we say “progressive” term for the old Soviet practice of “un-personing” undesirables) by YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify, all within 12 hours of each other, almost as if the whole thing had been previously

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Well That Escalated Quickly

Today’s @realDonaldTrump approval ratings among black voters: 29% This time last year: 15% @POTUS @realDonaldTrump — Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) August 2, 2018 No wonder the Prozicrats are panicking! Thatisall.

How You Got Trump

Part the eleventh million or so, because we really gave up counting a long time ago. Politico’s Marc Caputo has since deleted the tweet. We can’t imagine why. Seriously, we can’t. It’s not like we, the people that they’re most definitely not the enemy of, if their histrionic eruptions whenever that term for them is

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National Geographic Comes Clean

Well, not exactly, but at least they admit to making shit up, Fake News, you know, followed by the usual litany of shitlib excuses, justifications and deflections. Remember this photo, illustrating the devastating effects of Glowbull Wormening: That poor polar bear. Starving to death due to the absence of its customary, essential diet of frozen

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