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It is Sunday.

It is Saturday.

In case you need to know about us being “GDPR Compliant”

Tuesday is Here.

Sunday has Arrived…

So here it is Sunday.  What a week we’ve had.  Don’t really know all that much about it — I’ve spent the past four days purposely ignoring the news. Pretty much the same-o same-o:  Trump tweets.  People respond.  Another school shooting followed by the usual responses from the usual suspects.  Oh, and there was a

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Happy Wednesday

It’s Hump Day.  For most of you, this is the middle of your work week. Baring any unforeseen events, I expect to have the time to post my rant on the shit happening in the City of Seattle as it relates to our growing homeless problem. Most of you are probably going to be VERY

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Happy Tuesday

Happy Monday!

Still winging it here.  I considered posting a rant about the City of Seattle today, but I wanted to wait until the city council voted today before I went off here. Maybe tomorrow.

Mother’s Day 2018

My mother turned 100 this year.

History Repeating ~ The Propellerheads

While we wait for Management™ to wander back in here and do some much-needed fisking and ranting, I’ve taken it upon myself to try and entertain you with some occasional music and humor.  Just so that people can come here and see something new every day. I am NOT going to post political stuff.  I am

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Open Thread

Is there anyone here?  Someone, besides me?   Here’s an open thread to play with.