Articles from February 2018


Our breathless wait (yawning isn’t breathing, is it?) for a conclusion to Herr Müller of the Gest… er, FIB’s “investigation” into Trump/Russian COLLUUUUUUUSION™ has finally ended as we learn that Herr Müller of the Reichssicherh…, er, FIB has heroically indicted no less that 13 (THIRTEEN)… Russian Facebook trolls. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, after

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Instant Bark

Let’s try this for a few days.

Well, In My Defense I Was Left Alone…

… And I could no longer in good conscience leave Helen Thomas at the top of this page. Besides, I crack up every time I see this photo.  I knew it was only a matter of time before someone took the troll dolls from fifty years ago and update it like this.

Journalistic “Standards”

When I teach a concealed weapons class I always stress to my students to be extremely wary of how the presstitutes describe new firearms laws when they roll out, and to read the statute for themselves. For example, if a person relied solely on the “media” in Florida for their knowledge of firearms laws, they

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