You Better Learn How to Spread Those Legs of Yours

Those EUrotwits. Why, in our day, the Sabine women at least had the good sense to try to run away! Thatisall.

American Stasi

So let’s see if we got this right: Sunday, the Director of FIB finally reviews The Memo. Monday, McCabe suddenly is demoted, sorry, resigns, sorry, is removed. We’re trying to figure out if the two might be related? Yes, we know, impossible to say isn’t it? If you’re about as dumb as a boiled peanut,

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You Say That as if it’s a Bad Thing?

'Dossier' firm says U.S. senator's leaks endanger its employees — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) January 30, 2018 We’re trying very hard here to contain our… something. Thatisall.