Articles from October 2017

Paging Mr and Mrs Rosenberg

So now we learn that the Clinton Crime family, with the help and coordination of the Ogabe Junta and the utterly discredited FBI, managed to suck up $145 million bucks (plus change) in return for transferring one fifth of our nuclear reserves to a rival nation. Well isn’t that… speshul? Not terribly surprising, but still.

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Open Thread

Reflections in early morning

Im still here. Living quietly and yes still alive…I know I havent been posting much but trust me, the lungs still work and the heart, broken as it is, still beats. They say that the longer you go, the easier it is. Not sure they are right, but God knows I am trying. I wish

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Thank G-d For Those Wonderful, Vibrant, Diverse, Equally Important and Valuable Cultures of the World

Such as the In-Absolutely-No-Way-Inferior-You-RAYCISS!™ culture of Malawi, which is apparently the name of some G-d forsaken shithole of a country that we’ve never heard of until now. Doctors in Malawi have been beaten for carrying stethoscopes by vigilante mobs who believe they are vampires using the instruments to suck blood. Medics have also been robbed

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Of Traitors and Cucks

So we hear about this subversive, treasonous little snot at West Point who’s proudly been parading around his love of Communism and support for everything and anybody who hates the Constitution that he’s sworn to uphold and protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the latter category being the one he most definitely belongs to.

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Looks Like the Cleaning Crew Has Been on Vacation as Well

Because, seriously, look at all of the dust around here! Yes, His Imperial Majesty has been more than just a little bit absent and for that we apologize. We’ve not deserted the place or “given up” on it, this place means too much for us, not to mention how much all of YOU mean to

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