Articles from July 2017

It’s Becoming Really Difficult to be a Good Christian These Days

But we’ll persevere. When we first heard the news that John McNoShame (D-ThanksAFuckloadArizona) actually had a brain (a prerequisite for the ailment he was just diagnosed with), our initial urge to rush to the keyboard and post something decidedly un-Christian was quite overwhelming. But we managed. Barely. With the aid of a half bottle of

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You Take a Week or Two Off…

Well, actually it wasn’t off-time, if only it had been, but it kept me busy and away from the site. And the news, such as it is. We mean, it’s really hard to call any of the sad idiocies appearing in the ProgNaziMedia “news” in any sense of the word, unless immediately preceded by the

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SJW’s make fools of themselves..again.

I know I know they always do it’s their nature. But this is something special…and different. The Twattersphere™ is in a knickerknot uproar over HBO’s announcement of their new series “Confederate”, where the South won the Civil War. Screams of “racist” and “old white men” and “A Trump fantasy” have been heard. Again, nothing new.

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Keep On Beclowning Yourselves, Mostly Socialist Media

This is, after all, How We Got Trump™ (or, more importantly, how we dodged the 200MT nuclear device that was Felonia von Pantsuit). So now the latest “colluuuuuuuuuusion” narrative is how Donald Trump Jr. was aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States by, wait for it, talking to a Russian who claimed to

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CNN, the Biggest Name in Doxxing

Listen, His Imperial Majesty has long cautioned the ProgNazi Left against pushing their bullshit terroristic attacks upon people who don’t agree with them. We’ve said, time and time again, that if they keep doing it, sooner or later they’re going to push it too far, and then they’ll realize that they chose… poorly. We’ve been

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Happy Birthday, You Lovely Old Broad!

Things are hectic around the Imperial Palace, finances are awfully, uncomfortably tight and boy do we need a vacation BUT… There is nothing on Earth we’d rather be than an American, and nowhere we’d rather be than right the bloody hell here, in America! Happy birthday, America, from this most grateful of all of your

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Have a Happy Independence Day!