Articles from November 2016

Showing Love and Tolerance, One Excommunicated Family Member at a Time

Oh those ProgNazi ambassadors of love and tolerance. Now they’re acting like angry cultists, excommunicating family members who didn’t vote “the right way.” To show us all how tolerant they are, of course! WASHINGTON — Matthew Horn, a software engineer from Boulder, Colo., canceled Christmas plans with his family in Texas. Nancy Sundin, a social

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More “Love Trumps Hate!!! (Or Else!!!!)”

This time, a high school kid gets beat up by “mostly peaceful” anti-Trump imbecile rats. President elect Donald Trump supporter gets in altercation at high school demonstration in Rockville Maryland — Suzanne Kennedy (@ABC7Suzanne) November 16, 2016 Oddly enough, pretty much none of the mainstream “media” seem interested in this. Maybe those “camps” that

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The Times, They Are A-Changing

And we can’t for the life of us figure out why. Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans decided to Kaepernick himself in public like so many of the “athletes” in the NFL that we don’t watch anymore, but apparently he got Clue™. After a lot of backlash as well as support for Evans, the wide receiver has

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Somebody Needs to be Sent a Copy of the Memo, We Think

Republicans may overturn the ban on earmarks when House of Representatives members vote on its rules on Wednesday, in one of its first acts following the election of Donald Trump. An amendment offered by Reps. John Culberson (R., Texas), Mike Rogers (R., Ala.), and Thomas Rooney (R., Fla.) would scale back the moratorium on pork

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Your Daily ProgNazi Language Lesson

Via Ace: Jess McIntosh, the former communications director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday that the real reason the former secretary of state lost the election is because of white women’s “internalized misogyny.” “Internalized misogyny”: What normal women “suffer” from when they fail to fully accept the brainwashing of their shrieking,

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Chickens… Coming Home… To Roost!

Buh-bye, Julius Strasser, have fun in the funemployment lines, y’hear? The Oregon public official who levied a $135,000 fine against a Christian-owned bakery lost his bid to become Oregon’s secretary of state. Since 2008, Brad Avakian has been the commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. He ruled “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” must

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Haters Gonna Hate

Meanwhile, in the Empire, the ProgNazi Brownshirt Hordes are on day 7 of spreading the “love” which, in ProgNazi speak, means “committing hate crimes on a scale not seen since the invasion of Poland.” But, don’t forget: “Love trumps hate”, right? They’re about to get some tough “loving”, alright, unless they take their safety pins

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Trump and the “Triumph of Racism”

Oh dear are the racist little ProgNazis carrying on about how racist Trump voters are because a majority of whites voted for him. Conveniently left unmentioned is the fact that he at least tied Romney, that whitiest of white whiteys in a white wine sauce, with Latinos and beat him handily with Blacks. Nevertheless, they’re

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Still Wondering Why You Lost, Proggies?

We know that you’re never ever going to listen to it coming from us, so here it is from one of your own kind: This man is dangerous. Let’s hope the ProgNazis never listen to him, because they’re so much more fun when they lose. Thatisall.

Nope, They Still Haven’t Learned a Bit

…but watching the ProgNazis wallowing in their panic, hysteria and bottomless ignorance is still ever so entertaining. Such as Paul Cluckhead of the NYT. So what do we do now? By “we” I mean all those left, center and even right who saw Donald Trump as the worst man ever to run for president and

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Alright, They Got Us This Time

Pictures never lie, and the evidence is in:

Please Tell Us This is A Joke, Daily Caller

Then again, knowing Sweden as well as we do, it probably isn’t. Stockholm’s center-left government introduced a new “gender equal” approach to clearing the roads of snow last year. The policy states that sidewalks, public transport and bicycle lanes should be cleared before turning attention to the roads. The reason is that women are more

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Sane American Heard From

We interrupt the regular scheduled mocking to bring you this important news bulletin. A member of the sapient part of the American population has been located, and this is what he had to say: This needs to go viral. Stop this madness — Jaden (@JadenBell_) November 12, 2016 Hey, Donald! Give this guy a

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More of that Famous Leftist ProgNazi Tolerance on Display

Listen, we’ll come right out and say it. There’s an upside to all of the spoiled brat ProgNazis behaving like spoiled brat ProgNazis, and that is that no amount of paid for propaganda, law and order campaigns and thousands upon thousands of columns, posts and letters could ever prove our Imperial point as well as

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The Tolerant Big Tent Left in action

After a fair and free election in the United States, one side didnt like the outcome. So they protested peacefully. Wait. No they didnt. Remember those claims of Trump supporters not respecting women and being “misogynistic”? After Obama, was elected and after he was re relected, the opposition sighed, went to bed, got up and

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