Articles from March 2016

Leftist Animals Being Animals… Imagine our Shock!

Whew… Been quite a week and we’ve managed to stay far away from the news too, so… win! We can’t possibly hope to cover everything, but one thing that did stand out was the BernieBros and #OnlyBlackLivesMatter leftist thugs, led by Bill “Bomb Man” Ayers, doing what leftists always do when they can’t win an

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Still Alive

Just on the road for a few days. Snark will resume soonest 🙂

The Answer is Obvious

From The Week, unable to fathom how Trump is managing to get as many votes as he is. (h/t Bill Quick). The Republicans really are gearing up to nominate one of the most polarizing figures to emerge in modern American politics. They are doing this despite the fact that he fails many supposed litmus tests

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Sorry, We Have to Post This…

In our ongoing campaign to kick people when they’re down. So Ruuuuuuubio won MN, eh? Here’s a bit of perspective for ya: MN GOP caucus winners: 2016 – Rubio 2012 – Santorum 2008 – Romney Strong record of choosing winners! Heheheheheh! Much like the vaunted “Ames straw poll.” Where’s “Ames” again? We still can’t find

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Meanwhile, in Russia, #NotARealMuslim Decapitates 4 Year Old Girl, Parades Head in Public, Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Which, of course, we have absolutely no idea what that means. It’s probably #DefinitelyNotArabic for “I’m so very sorry!” Maybe it’s Episcopalian Latin. Sadly, it appears that even the Russian police is pretending to be baffled as to the motives here. It’s not like there’s any particular group of insane, barbaric, subhuman mongrel cult prone

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Hey, Three Out of Thirteen Ain’t Bad…

Laughing through the tears here. Well, not exactly. It turned out better than we’d feared, but it’s not exactly a game changer of a Super Tuesday. Unless you happen to be one of the wishcasters thinking that Trump was facing an uphill fight for the nomination, that is. If that’s the case, we sympathize. But

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Well, We Guess This is it

At least it is for us. Super Tuesday is tomorrow, and we’ll be out voting for our guy Cruz, who is the only demonstrably, clear cut, doesn’t just talk the talk but also walks the walk and has been doing so since the day he joined the Senate. There’s a reason that the GOPe hates

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