Articles from July 2014

Ray Chocolate Nagin Goes to Jail

Imagine our surprise! A Progressive Socialist, ProZi for short, goes to jail for a crime! That’s not something that happens every day, but obviously Katrina is far enough away, buried in the history of mankind beyond where any human being can be expected to remember it (for Democrat ProZis, that’s about five minutes after the

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The Time Traveller – Pause and reflect

This story has made the rounds several times. In light of this little piece of news, I believe that the story needs to be retold. A cautionary tale for all..well before its time. And one we will do well to listen to. Source Greetings Readers, Friends, and Other Visitors: The Time Traveler appeared suddenly in

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See-B.S. Continue Slurping Their Halfrican Muslim President’s Cock

While pretending to cover an incident in California (h/t Jeff Goldstein): MURRIETA ( — Dozens of protesters blocked the road Tuesday so buses full of undocumented immigrants couldn’t make their way to a U.S. Border Patrol Station in Murrieta. The word you’re looking for, See-B.S., is “illegal aliens”. We guess some good citizens were a

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