Articles from June 2014

This Little RINO Had None…

Of course, just because the death of the Republic is an already established fact doesn’t mean that we can’t rip out our throbbing Schadenboners and rub them furiously when news such as these hit: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — In an upset for the ages, Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-most powerful man in

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There once were two goblins, now there’s just one….

Source A DAD who saw armed robbers holding a gun to the head of his teenage daughter opened fire on the men, killing one and critically injuring the other. And the baby Jesus smiles…. The incident unfolded late Monday night in St Louis when the 17-year-old girl went outside her home to retrieve something from

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Der Führer’s War on the Constitution

The only reason we link this article is that it is good to be reminded, in clear language, of just how spineless, cowardly and unworthy a nation we’ve become. It’s certainly not to raise anybody’s hopes that anything will actually be done, but read it nonetheless. The author clearly, irrefutably, sums up just a few

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Keep Repeating a Lie…

…and maybe you, too, will one day land a job at the Grauniad. Some socialist moocher name of Dean Baker sets out to fight yet another desperate rear guard action for the increasingly ludicrous AGW scam. The right’s reaction to President Obama’s new plan to curb carbon emissions from power plants follows a similar storyline

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Welcome to the ProgTards’ America

Shamelessly stolen from Maet: Sunscreen is one of the best protectors from the sun, but North East Independent School District parent Christy Riggs said her child wasn’t allowed to bring sunscreen to campus and suffered the burning consequences. Riggs said her 10-year-old daughter went on a school field trip recently and came back sun-burned. Riggs

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In Memorium

Ten years ago we lost one of the greatest men to ever sit in the Oval Office. It was one of only two times I have ever wept as an adult. [youtube][/youtube]  

Why Would They Understand?

Ralph Peters, whom we’d be honored to share a foxhole with any day of the week and twice on Sundays, has a most excellent article about why the SCoaMF junta were so completely blindsided by the American people in general and the armed forces in particular not erupting in celebrations that the Stuttering Clusterfuck of

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Once a Whore, Always a Whore

In which we point out to the inestimable Maetenloch, who is a far more genteel person than we, that he is, well, being too kind in his comment on the newest state dept spokeshole, Marie Harf, who is busy stating that the always honest (YouTube video!) dept of re-state knows WAY more about that despicable

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In More Hilarious News…

The communist cunts of Seattle vote to speed up in order to catch up with Detroit. Who wants to be the last commiecrat dump to go bankrupt?: Seattle’s city council on Monday unanimously approved an increase in the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, making it the nation’s highest by far. Why not raise

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Quick, What’s LOWER than What is Lower than Whale Shit?

Our mentally deficient criminal in chief, that’s who: Responding to criticism of the trade for the first time, Mr. Obama dismissed questions about whether the freed prisoner, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, deserved special efforts, given reports that he deserted his post in combat. And the president said he had opted not to notify Congress in advance

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The Insatiable Greed of Socialists

The Progressive Socialist Party is already busy circling the wagons around the veteran-murdering mess that is government “healthcare”, or the VA as they’re called in this particular case, howling their old shibboleths about how the “problem” with private sector healthcare or, indeed, private sector anything, is “greed.” Which the government is somehow magically free of.

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Canned Stupid™

We must say, there really is no Grand Mystery involved when it comes to “Who Killed the Republic” when we have mouth-breathing liberal clue-fearing imbeciles like the one described in this article about how libtards in Austin find themselves priced out of their homes (h/t LC & IB Mike Hendrix): “I’m at the breaking point,”

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Watching the Republic Die

You know, there comes a point when you have to start wondering… There are historians, and His Imperial Majesty sees their point, who claim that the Emperor Caligula wasn’t so much insane as he was putting on a giant Performance Art Masterpiece. You know, along the lines of “seriously, those stuffed togas in the Senate

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SCOAMF paid the Dane

You snivelling,mewling,puking, appeasing COWARD