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But Seriously, Hildebeest: What Difference, at this Point, Does it Make?

We simply will never tire of that line wherever that hideous, lying, Prozi hag is concerned. Thanks to LC readerjp, we have the first reactions from Cankles Benghazi on the Hobby Lobby decision: Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Monday chastised the Supreme Court for ruling that an employer can refuse to provide women

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SCOTUS Discovers Religious Rights in First Amendment…

Why, it’s almost as if it’s been mentioned by name directly in there since the document was written! The Progressive Socialists (Prozis for short) react with their usual tolerance and restraint… By wanting to burn all of Hobby Lobby’s stores to the ground. See? Don’t say the Prozis haven’t evolved at all. They’ve come a

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The Forgotten War

Sixty-four years ago today North Korean troops poured across the 38th Parallel, kicking off the first armed confrontation of the “Cold” War involving U.S. troops. Three years and 53,000 American lives later the war ground to a halt in stalemate. Our soldiers and Marines fought in combat every bit as intense as that of WWII,

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Are You Fucking Shitting Me?

There are some real thin skinned pussies watching PMSNBC I guess. They need to be warned about a horribly offensive word, dare I say it… REDSKINS!!!! ohnoes!!!! eleventyplus!!!! [youtube][/youtube] I am so sick of this thin skinned PC bullshit. Time to wet some liberal panties. They think redskins is offensive? Here ya go cuntmuffins. Nigger,

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Traitors at Home

At least they’re kind enough to make it public now. Or maybe they’ve finally realized that there isn’t a set of testicles left in this country. They’d be right. Behold this tweet from one of the DHS’s (that’d be the ReichsSicherheitsHauptAmt in the original German) main pisslamic “advisors” regarding the situation in Iraq (h/t Ace):

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And Now, For Some More Serious News…

It has come to our attention, actually it has been known to us for a while but we were holding off the news a bit because the subject of it hates it when people fuss over him, that our very own LC Brendan, our favorite beer-swilling Oz, is about to undergo surgery for a parathyroid

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Final Rottfest 2014 Post, and a Request For the Emperor

Upon viewing his work, and realizing a need for such incredible competence in the Empire, I respectfully submit that LC Sir Cheapshot911, K.o.E., one of our newest Knights of the Empire, should be bestowed with the title “Imperial Photographer”. While RottFest attendees who can attest to Cheap’s hard work are encouraged to chime in, I

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“Mind You, It’s A Very Hungry Dog!”

It turns out that that rascally dog who ate Lois Lerner’s emails (but only the ones concerning the investigation into her targeted suppression of dissent at her Führer’s behest) had a rather voracious appetite. It ate all of the emails of 6 other people. All of whom, coincidentally, also happen to be the target of

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Rottfest 2014 After Action Report

Now that the crunchie brood is safely home and I have proper interwebtubiethingy access (Praise be to algore’s invention), I can write an after action report of the debauchery. Day 1 was a beautiful, albeit a bit late, start. It was beautiful because we were once again able to see dear friends, too long in

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“The Dog Ate My Emails”

Oh yes, now pull the other one. Lois Lerner, the she-wolf of the Waffen-IRS, the one who carefully orchestrated, at the behest of her lord and master, Barack the Jugeared, the deliberate and targeted persecution of conservative organizations trying to upset Barackovich’s reelection, appears to have “lost” all of the emails that would prove her

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The Rotties Have Left The Building

It was one for the books folks. Rottfest 2014 is now past, and I have to say it was one hell of a good time. As I sit here looking at what remains of the epic gathering, I can say without a doubt, it was a great party. While it was the smallest in terms

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I’m Not Worthy

After Crunchie turned in a blistering 6.77 second time on Round 1 of the 15-shot Triple Threat Challenge, I knew I was in trouble. Rattled, in Round 2 with the required magazine change, I had a decent time, but four misses. Only hits count! I was forced to concede before Round 3 began. I got

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New Knights!

Congratulations to the two newest Knights of the Empire, LC Sir Cheapshot911, K.o.E. and LC Sir Clambake, K.o.E., titles bestowed by our beloved Emperor at Rottfest last night!

Rottfest: Live Coverage

The Fun Begins

Morning 1 at Rottfest. Clambake, Cheapshot, Crunchie and Bangie and the girls all here. Apparently, this morning is brought to us by the letter “C“.  Brisket on the smoker, breakfast cooking, hangovers being nursed.  Hanging out at the house today, range and the Carbine Challenge tomorrow.