Articles from March 2014

Gee, it’s Almost as if We’ve Seen this Movie Before

Kiev Warsaw was on edge Saturday after Russian parliament’s upper house the German Reichstag unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s request for a military intervention in Ukraine Poland, according to a Kremlin Reichstag statement. The approval came within two hours of Putin Hitler appealing to parliament the Reichstag, saying the move is needed

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Thank G-d For “Smarterer” Foreign Policy

…and that it arrived just in time to save us all from that horrid, amateur, jingoistic cowboy Boooosh and his many misadventures. So now Putin’s guys have rolled into the Crimea (that’s the peninsula at the far south of the Ukraine, for those wondering) in an invas… sorry, an “uncontested arrival”, as King Barack Definitely-Not-Hussein

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