Articles from January 2014

Klimate Klownshoes Kicked In Krotchskys (Or “How Many Crows Can They Fit Into That Pie?”)

Just when we thought that the Circle-Jerk du Soleil: Klimate Klusterfuck show was over, Mother Gaia pulls on her Size 15 Mexican Roach Stompers and delivers yet another swift kick to their frozen groinal regions. Xue Long notified AMSA at 1pm AEDT this afternoon it has concerns about their ability to move through heavy ice

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The Continuing Adventures of the Clitanic

It’s already covered in the post below by our very own Imperial Torturer (if you lazy buggers bothered to follow the link, that is), but we thought it worth mentioning that the Australian ice breaker, Aurora Australis, has given up trying to rescue the Gorebull Wormening Cultists from themselves and their incandescent idiocy. The Aurora

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Kosmic Karmic Klimacomedy

In an ironic twist of fate that is so comical that Keepers of the Fates are pissing themselves from fits of laughter, the Apostles of the Church of Algorean Asininity who are stuck in non-existent ice aboard the SS Klimate Klusterfuck have asked for REAL, UNADJUSTED weather data from none other than the Sultan of

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