Certifiable Dunce In Tears Upon Learning Shocking News that Jews Have Been Persecuted

Comrade Barack Frankovich Obama’s latest attempted acquisition to form a cabinet entirely made up of idiots more idiotic than his unholy, incompetent, stuttering clusterfuck self (not an easy job when you’ve already set the bar so low it takes an experienced team of diggers to get under it), Chuck Incitatus Hagel, was reportedly in tears

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Ogabe the Lobsterback

One of the best photoshops of Teh One™ I’ve seen yet. And so appropriate on so many levels.

Biden advises women

To follow up on the most awesome thread Lady M-ITT – of  Imperial Sniper Fame just posted…Another Democrat, no other than the highly esteemed (in the fever swamps of D.C. that is) VP himself gives out his sage advice to women on self defense….I guess at least Joe is not telling them to bite the

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Women and the Democrats who don’t trust them

For years we’ve been inundated with the Left’s whining about the so called “War On Women”, and sadly there are plenty of women willing to be used by the Left to push idiotic schemes and policies that don’t do a damn thing to actually help women, except to further portray them as abortion hungry sluts.

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