A Brother Needs Our Help

Hey pups, we’ve got a brother in need. Light29ID has run into a rough spot. To summarize, he’s been unemployed since 2009 and supporting his 84 year old blind mother as best as he can. He’s run into some trouble with his bank and his account is frozen until he can square it with them.

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The Judge Speaks

And as usual he nails it in an orgasm inducing display of literary brilliance, Constitutionality, and… well just read it for yourselves. And then spread it to everyone you know.  Judge Napolitano is the Thomas Jefferson of our day.

Emperor Misha’s Status

For those of you who have been worried, rest at ease, Our Esteemed Vileness is alive and well. I too was getting concerned when my emails and phone calls went unanswered, but just as I was reading The Imperial Mother’s comment that Misha was down with a bug my phone rang and a very sickly

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