The Damned Few

Since we’re at it I thought I’d post the lastest from the Rhino Den. Folks, never has honor, society and the calling been better explained… Warriors are not born.  The are made through hard work, suffering and self-sacrifice.  Toughness is fucking EARNED.  

Anti Aircraft fire reported in Philadelphia

And as Martha would say: “That’s a good thing.” Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot Wonder what the going price of a BOFORS is this time of year… *WARNING: Gun Porn*  

Idiotarian of the Century

Or, at the very least, of this week. Or month. Or year. We really can’t say that we care because, basically, we don’t. We just enjoy making fun of idiots. So, without further ado, Esther Katcoff (which is not a feline respiratory disorder, or so we’re told by our crack Imperial Veterinary Team) and her

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