We’ve Still Got Beer and Shenanigans, Don’t We?

Not to pretend that these aren’t serious times, nor to minimize the importance of the fight before us but in all of our years of service, if there is one thing we did learn, it’s that no army marches on empty stomachs and shortage of silliness alone. Oh sure, we’re disappointed, frightened, despairing, seeing our

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Surprise, Surprise UPDATED

Col. West is up 300 votes as the Palm Beach County vote count continues (Yeah, we still can’t count ballots down here very well.) Rep. Allen West is leading by more than 300 votes in Palm Beach County, Fla., a hopeful sign for the Tea Party favorite fighting for his political life after Tuesday’s election,

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CIA Director Petraeus Resigns, Cites Extra-Marital Affair

TOP SPOOK OUT: PETRAEUS RESIGNS OVER ‘AFFAIR’ So the purge begins…guess it beats a firing squad from Uncle Joe.