Articles from November 2012

The Damned Few

Since we’re at it I thought I’d post the lastest from the Rhino Den. Folks, never has honor, society and the calling been better explained… Warriors are not born.  The are made through hard work, suffering and self-sacrifice.  Toughness is fucking EARNED.  

Anti Aircraft fire reported in Philadelphia

And as Martha would say: “That’s a good thing.” Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot Wonder what the going price of a BOFORS is this time of year… *WARNING: Gun Porn*  

Idiotarian of the Century

Or, at the very least, of this week. Or month. Or year. We really can’t say that we care because, basically, we don’t. We just enjoy making fun of idiots. So, without further ado, Esther Katcoff (which is not a feline respiratory disorder, or so we’re told by our crack Imperial Veterinary Team) and her

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Tolerant liberals at play (UPDATED)

 When a liberal says that you need to be more tolerant…beat the fuck out of’em until they recite Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech verbatim. Too bad the Tomb Guards didn’t see this. They carry LIVE ammo in those rifles because the Tomb of the Unknowns is designated as a “DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED” post.  Stolen Valor’s Page

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Fight As If You Mean It, Or Don’t Fight At All

An absolute must-read from the always excellent Walter Russell Mead about the American reaction to the conflict in Gaza right now: Commentators around the world grasp at straws in seeking to explain what’s going on. Islamophobia and racism, say some. Americans just don’t care about Arab deaths and they are so blinded by their fear

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Just A Reminder For Race Fans

For all you racing fans, I know it isn’t America’s sport-NASCAR, but the first race from our beautiful Circuit of the America’s here in Austin starts in a few minutes. The review of the track is awesome and it should be an excellent Formula 1 race. The downside for Austin is the horrid traffic of

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Meanwhile, In Israel

Things are taking a turn for the worse. The paleoswinians have escalated their terror missile attacks to include Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (so far with little effect) while continuing to bombard southern Israel with hundreds of missiles on a daily basis. The IDF, meanwhile, have struck back in well-directed attacks on terrorists, weapons dumps and

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If Standards Are Good, Double Standards Are Great !!

Never missing an opportunity for a photo-op, Ogabe with blessings and an invite from his newest bathhouse pal NJ Gov. Christie made a royal visit to the Garden State in the wake of storm Sandy. Of course the media covered his visit 180° from a similar visit by W post-Katrina. Obama of course, was hailed

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You Keep Telling Yourselves That, You Drooling Dimwits

(H/t LC & IB Mike Hendrix). Talk about learning all the wrong lessons from a pretty straight-forward class in real life consequences: BIDDEFORD, Maine — Labor leaders in Maine say the resilience of the Hostess workers on the picket line at the company’s Biddeford plant, which is in the process of being shut down after

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Do we blame Bush?

Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business  “We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” Hostess CEO Gregory F. Rayburn said in announcing that the firm had filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to shutter its business. “Hostess Brands

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I aim to misbehave

You Goddamn right I do.  I want the country I grew up in BACK Here are some linkies (with love) from WRSA because information is power: Countering Violent Extremists (us ‘Rotties?!?!?!  Never (insert evil grin here)), Zealots, President Obama: ‘I am a firm believer that climate change is real’ (bend over kiddies), 4GW, study, learn and practice mountainguerrilla, NousDefions-We Defy! (old site),

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Directly From the IDF

It’s never too late to Send a Pizza to the IDF. Thatisall. (Note: In case you’ve missed the news lately, Israel has come under intense attack from Hamas who have bombarded civilians with hundreds of rockets starting right after they learned that their greatest ally, Braaargh Hussein the BlightBringer, was reelected by ProgNazi Americans for

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Quit Talking About “Demographics” Already, You Morons

We have to get this off of our chest as we’ve been driven to distraction by eggheads on “our side” poring over how the population is divided into this or that group and how we must, must tailor anything we say and do towards this “new reality” or we’re doomed, DOOMED they tell us. Cut

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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again, Once Again

The ballots haven’t even been fully counted and Mr. Weeper of the House was already surrendering to the left on the issue of taxes. Carefully choosing his words about the election being a mandate on working together with the left, he stresses the need for bipartisan solutions in avoiding the fiscal cliff. He goes on

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Oh, and About the Legitimacy of the Election?

Listen, we know that a bunch of “important” voices on the right are tripping over themselves to avoid even as much as hinting at there possibly having been some shenanigans going on because, you know, let’s not be “crazy” here and let’s all be gracious losers and blah, blah, flippity-blech. You know what they say

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