Articles from October 2012

Romney Speaks at the Al Smith Dinner

A few hours ago, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the other guy he is running against attended the annual Al Smith Dinner. It is tradition for presidents to attend, and in election years, for both candidates to be present. Romney spoke first, and when he did, he revealed a sense of humor I doubt many

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What? Everybody Is Still Here?

You’re either the most loyal, dedicated bunch of dysfunctional browncoat rebels ever known or you’re just secretly hoping that the Imperial Staff locates the Secret Key to the Imperial Liquor Cabinet before I come back. I suspect it’s a bit of both but, knowing you all and having found out how blessed I am to

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Courtesy of Cheapshot. [youtube][/youtube]

The Green Fail Marches On

That flushing sound you hear is another $50 million taxpayer dollars going down the shitter of Teh Won’s™ Green Energy policy. Vestas Cuts 800 North American Jobs As Orders Slow As many governments are hitting the skids financially, silly taxpayer dollar slurping schemes to save Gaia are falling by the wayside as they should. Danish

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As Expected

We all knew that the stupid choice of debate moderators, all affirmed leftists, would show sooner or later, to favor Team Ogabe. Why in the name of Satan’s left testicle Romney agreed to the choice is beyond comprehension. During the Veep debate Martha Raddatz didn’t disappoint. She persistently interrupted Ryan and allowed Biden to interrupt

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So, Ya Think Yer Good?

This guy is good. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] So I’m looking at getting into IDPA and/or 3 Gun if time permits. Anybody here shoot either one, and what can ya tell me about them?

Update On Our Imperator

I spoke to our despised, feared, beloved Imperator and he asked, demanded that I let y’all know that he is alive and well. He’s busy suppressing a persistent rebellion, and between that and his therapeutic Ewok torturing he’s been a busy guy. In the meantime he has full confidence in his well compensated and professional

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Happy 237th Birthday USN

You started from humble and meager beginnings and have grown to the most powerful force the world has ever seen.From the days when you weren’t much more than a few frigates and more privateers than commissioned ships, through the age of sail and into the age of ironclads, the Great White Fleet, all the way

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“Tickle-Me Biden” Beclowns Himself

Usually, political debates between individuals with more than 20 years age difference are pretty lopsided affairs. Wisdom, the theory goes, is a byproduct of experience, and is earned over time. But in the VP Debate last night, delivered in a format and with a moderator that the Republicans should be excoriated for agreeing to, Biden’s

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Command Sergeant Major Basil Plumley

CSM Basil Plumley reported to Sky Six at 0430 this morning. He was 92 and died in a Columbus Georgia Hospice after a quick fight with cancer. He was a warriors warrior, and a rarity among combat vets, a three war infantryman. He made all three combat jumps with the 82nd Airborne in WWII (He

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The Essence of Liberty

Presented without comment, because he says it all. [youtube][/youtube]

Pop Quiz

Get out your thinking caps pups and let’s see who can answer the following (No google either.  Dead trees covered in squid piss or your own memory. Y’alls on the honor system) What happened 94 years ago today? *cue Jeopardy theme song*  

Meet The New Strategy Same As The Old Strategy

Having taken a thorough spanking during the first presidential debate and seeing the polls dramatically shifting, putting Romney up 2% nationally, something dramatic has to be done by Team Ogabe. Hey, we have a great idea let’s call Romney a liar. Not that we have anything specific to prove the point we’ll just repeat it

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Truth in silence

This is just WRONG in oh, so many ways….

The Philippines just concluded a treaty / agreeemnt with a Muslim splinter group. Moro Islamic Liberation Front – MILF That’s right, they concluded a treaty with a MILF. I’d wager more than one negotiator waited until they were out of earshot, before collapsing in hysterical laughter realising that these murdering bastards had no idea that

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