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The King Ogabe Narcissus Chronicles, Part the Umpteemillionth

Thanks to LC Gladiator. So let us say that an individual who has, without wanting to and much less trying to, become the very symbol of the entrepreneurialism, “can do”, “if not us, then who?” spirit that used to be the very core of America-That-Was goes and passes to his just rewards in Heaven. Somebody

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Shut up. Racist! [youtube][/youtube]

Review: 2016 Obama’s America

I thought y’all might like a quick review of ‘2016 Obama’s America‘ if you haven’t had the chance or decided to go see this yet. The fact that every review I’ve read thoroughly panned it as fallacy and right-wing propaganda should be the first clue that it’s a good flick. It placed #8 at the

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It’s the Economy, Party of Stoopid!

Todd Akins is sacrificed on the alter of political correctness, but unfortunately for his addle-pated GOP executioners, he won’t hold still for the killing stroke.  OblameBush‘s fifth column in the fourth estate wields Tropical Storm Isaac like a chainsaw in a ‘B’ grade horror movie to threaten the RNC in Tampa.  The forecast calls for

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While Subversive, Counterrevolutionary, Doubleplusungood Thinking is Still Allowed

We give you this awesome music video and an Open Thread: [youtube][/youtube] We didn’t reach out to the DNCMedia for their reaction, because we already know it: “That is some of the most despicable, racist, bigoted right wing extremist hate speech the world has ever seen and is most assuredly the direct cause of Hurricane

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Your Sunday “In Over His Jugeared Head” Funny

Found at Bill’s place: President Obama told the AP that the moment that could finally shake up a close president race “could come in the three debates Obama and Romney hold in October. “Come on”, we hear you say, “that’s not funny! He’s actually right about that!” Why yes, but here’s where Teh Funny™ comes

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RIP, Neil Alden Armstrong

The first man on the Moon, Neil Alden Armstrong, passed away today at the age of 82. We will miss you, Neil, you and all that you stood for. It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb

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It’s Time To Stop Those Birthers!

So sayeth the Ogabe campaign and the DNCMedia (but we repeat ourself) in their latest attempt to create a distraction after Romney jokingly said that at least nobody’s ever asked him or his wife to show their birth certificate. Obviously to illustrate that nobody’s ever wondered whether Romney was an American with American values or

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And Bloomberg is concerned about what exactly?

Question:  In whose hands is a firearm the most dangerous? A.  In the hands of a deranged killer B.  In the hands of a law abiding civilian who has learned proper safety, practices regularly and has a CCW permit after passing a background check C.  The police Was The NYPD Responsible For 10 Of The

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From WRSA:

Mark Steyn starts another fight

Mark Steyn started it teacher!!! If an institution is prepared to cover up systemic statutory rape of minors, what won’t it cover up? Whether or not he’s “the Jerry Sandusky of climate change”, he remains the Michael Mann of climate change, in part because his “investigation” by a deeply corrupt administration was a joke. To

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False Flag Op At GOP Convention?

In which we put on our tinfoil hat after something we found over at the Six Meat Buffet: That Biden visit to Tampa got my wheels spinning. What the hell are they up to? How far is Biden willing to go to remain relevant? To stay on the ticket? So I put some feelers out

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Basic Things That Liberal Fascists Don’t Understand

Because, in our infinite Imperial Wisdom, we’ve decided that it might be helpful to explain things in terms so simple that even a liberal might get it. A tall order, to be sure, but we’re up to it. We are the Emperor, after all, and we didn’t achieve that lofty position just because. OK, so

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Doing the Liberal Fascists’ Dirty Work For Them

When we find ourself thinking that Mike Fuckabee is actually making sense, then we have to start worrying. But he is, in spite of what Allahpundit and the rest of the “right” wing blogosphere Inquisition are saying. The Party’s leaders have for reasons that aren’t rational, left him behind on the political battlefield, wounded and

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Hooray! Uncle Choo Choo Is Back on the Campaign Trail!

We were worried that the Ogabe campaign might have accidentally picked up a clue when they sent Joe Robinette “Choo Choo” Biden back to the nursing home last week, but we needn’t have troubled ourself, because they sent him right back out there to embarrass Der Fubar further: [youtube][/youtube] So, out of eight presidents that

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