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Of Useless Brats and Attacking the Defenseless

We haven’t written about the elderly lady bus monitor who was verbally abused, mocked, threatened (yes, threatened with actual violence), ridiculed for her looks and telling her that she didn’t have a family because they’d all killed themselves to avoid being near her. Real life fact: Her son committed suicide 10 years ago. There’s a

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Blog Update-age-ery

Just finished another update (graciously provided by Deej). Let us know if you guys find anything amiss.

Wow. This Arab Spring is Turning Out WONDERFULLY

As we learn that the pisslamist fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood just got their terrist-in-chief elected president of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has officially won Egypt’s presidential election and will be the country’s next president, the electoral commission has announced. Ah yes. The Arab Spring. Freedom-loving Egyptians cheering in the streets, updating their Facebook statuses

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From the Department of Headlines We’d Rather We’d Never Seen

Gay in heat finishes in 10 seconds flat Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Thatisall.

People Are STILL Playing That Game???

Quake Kills Two in China

Juan Williams on the Murder of Brian Terry at the Hands of Eric Holder

“Hey! People die!” No big deal, huh, Juan? Did we once defend that scumbag Ogaberrhoid when he got fired from NPR for expressing an opinion? Yes, we believe we did. We’re really, really sorry about that. Won’t happen again, that much we can assure you. Useless waste of skin. Thatisall.

Meanwhile, New York Times Who Couldn’t Care Less about the 300+ Victims of Obama/Holder’s Gun Trafficking to Drug Lords…

…are getting all verklempt about journalism becoming dangerous in Mexico. As if New York Times hacks ever spent any time at all outside of the hotel bars, but perhaps they’re becoming dangerous too. Mexico for several years has been one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, with 45 killed or missing

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Watergate With 300 Dead Innocents on Top [UPDATED]

Our friend Bill Whittle lays it out in simple terms: [youtube][/youtube] Meanwhile, the liberal fascist Ogabemedia couldn’t care less about 300 murdered Mexican peasants and an American cop, since caring about it might hurt their Messiah, Barack Hussein Ogabe. Liberal fascist propaganda media: Why do you hate little brown people so much? *Spit!* Thatisall. UPDATE:

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Comparison Invalid, Apples and Oranges, Does not Compute

Q and O’s Bruce McQuain raises a question regarding the use of UAVs to kill terrorists on other nations’ territories and comes up with the following: Certainly the use of UAVs as a military asset that can both gather intel and be used to attack legitimate enemies makes sense. But we’re into a very gray

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Seeing As How The Already Debunked Talking Points About Fast and Furious Are Already Being Brushed Off Again…

…in sheer desperation now that the whole thing has blown up the simian faces of the Ogabe Junta. So what to do? You take an already thoroughly debunked argument, so thoroughly debunked in fact that even Heinrich Holder has admitted that he’s “not trying to equate the two”, such as “Fast and Furious is no

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Using the Powers of Evil for Good

First, however, your official content warning: No, it’s definitely not NSFW, it’s just that if you haven’t yet been infected by that most intractable of viral ear worms, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe”, then maybe you would be better off NOT starting the video below. If, however, you have already been infected, there’s no

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You Thought It All Ended With Kelo, Didn’t You?

Of course you didn’t. You’re not stupid, you’re the smartest readers in the Blogosphere. And of course it didn’t. A company out of Norfolk, VA, is being threatened by the city of Norfolk who want to take their property under eminent domain and give it to Old Dominion U. Because, well, nobody really knows, since

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“We Really, Truly, Deeply Regret the Death of that Border Patrol Agent, Whatshisface, We Really DO!”

Thus spake Jay Carney(Barker) while trying desperately to cover his boss’ arse. [youtube][/youtube] Because they CARE. A LOT! Shut up, RACISTS! Thatisall.

A Few Short Thoughts on the Idiocy and Delusions of the Gentry GOP

We haven’t written about Jeb Bush’s pathetic lamentations that the GOP is in thrall to dangerous extremists threatening to tear the party apart and having made it impossible, impossible for the Country Club Republicans to carry on business as usual, which is giving the NSDWP “only” 95% of what they want, the GOP nothing of

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Friday Cult of Narcissistic Personality Update

We had to do a double-take when we came across this on Protein Wisdom, thinking that good ol’ Jeff was just trying to be funny in his inimitable way, as he does from time to time when the world, unarguably, becomes too absurd to dignify with a serious response. But we followed the link nevertheless

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