Articles from March 2012

Breitbart Barack

Seem that LC Gladiator felt the management in these parts were much remiss in not coming across the most awesomely delicious piece over at the The American Thinker. Breitbart Barack By William L. Gensert Is there any better example of a warrior than Andrew Breitbart? The man was rigorous, relentless, and totally without remorse in

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“Stupid, Stupid Voters, No Soup For YOU!”

From the Reichspropagandaministerium, er, Enemy Media, we get a lecture on how Reichsführer Comrade Petukh SCOAMF’s slipping poll numbers are really nothing but a clear indicator that the public is irredeemably stupid for failing to truly embrace and worship the Awesome Greatness That is The One™. It’s nice to see that Politico has finally quit

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The Lawless Department Of In-justice

Vote fraud is one of those things that stirs up a white-hot fury in me. I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing that there hasn’t been “any widespread proof that vote fraud occurs” therefore we don’t need positive ID to vote. That has to be one of the most dishonest statements in history. We have

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Oh Just Git, You Filthy Carpet-Bagging Sumbitch!

Mittens ObamneyCare is currently trying to win the hearts and minds of Southerners in Mississippi and, as we all know, nothing is more likely to endear you to a Southerner than some obviously fake, condescending carpet-baggery: In Mississippi, Romney did try out some Southern charm, telling his audience he was “an unofficial Southerner.” “I am

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Alright, Now… That’s Taking it a BIT Far, Don’t you Think?

Is this thing still on? *tap, tap, tap* Yep, appears so. Now, His Majesty hasn’t a lot of love lost between him and the whole “look like a sad, unkempt puppy” Emo phenomenon, but this is CLEARLY going too far (h/t Bill Quick): At least 90 Iraqi teenagers with “emo” appearances have been stoned to

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We Are All Breitbart

Like many here, I’ve read a lot about the loss of a treasured conservative warrior, Andrew Breitbart for many days now. One point about him that comes through frequently is that he was a pioneer of this venue, the New Media entirely made possible by the Internet. Andrew partnered up with Matt Drudge in his

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More On The Phony Contraception “Issue” [Updated]

The Church of Rome is continuing it’s battle with the administration’s mandate on contraception. The battle is precisely aimed at the heart of the matter, freedom of religion. The quick outrage over this lead the administration see that it had every chance of turning into a Watergate-like debacle, poisoning Ogabelini’s re-election chances, and decided to

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Save Us From Unionized Teachers

We found this over at your good friend Aggie’s place, Hookers and Booze, and promptly stole it: We shan’t overly belabor that if the “smartest and brightest” are who’s responsible for the never-ending stream of “Einsteins” that our unionized Publik Skools churn out every year, then this nation is in a lot worse shape than

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Meanwhile, In Leftist La La Land

More specifically Ed Schulz’ largely unwatched show, Sandra Fluke is bravely refusing to be “silenced.” Really? She was being “silenced?” Seems to us that no matter what news channel we turned to, no matter what website we clicked to, there she was, bleating and baaing about how her hyperactive sex life is bankrupting her with

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This is the thanks we get

Right now the words “glassed over parking lot” and “radioactive wasteland” come to mind. Religion of peace and tolerance..MY ASS.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for it?

None So Blind…

Just to change the subject and to air, yet again, something that annoys us immensely, which is the Ogabe Long Form Birth Certificate issue. Not that we really give a shit about it at this point, other than to point out that being willfully ignorant isn’t an endearing trait likely to make anybody take you

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R.I.P. Happy Culture Warrior

I was absolutely shocked a few minutes ago to learn of the passing of an icon of the conservative movement, Andrew Breitbart at the age of 43. His passing was announced on the Breitbart TV website, with this thoughtful statement: With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

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Be Careful What You Wish For, Fiddy2ers…

You just might get it (h/t Cold Fury). As we’re all struggling to pay for whatever gas the Ogabe Junta will let us have, it is at least a small comfort for us to see that the ones voting for the Food Stamp Algae president are the ones getting hit the hardest by the Rape

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