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Tommy the Commie Friedman is Ready With Yet Another Demand for a “Grand Bargain”

And by “Grand Bargain” he means, as usual: Give Ogabe all that he wants and call it a “compromise.” Then, when it fails (again!), we call all blame the Rethugnicans while utterly absolving Teh One™ of any complicity. If the president really wants to lead from the front, he should summon the Democratic and Republican

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Is It OK To Call Them Nazis Now?

How about totalitarian twatsticks? MISSION VIEJO (CBS) — An Orange County couple has been ordered to stop holding a Bible study in their home on the grounds that the meeting violates a city ordinance as a “church” and not as a private gathering. Homeowners Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, of San Juan Capistrano, were fined $300

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Perry Done Fucked Up With That One

Yessirree. “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said, after being criticized by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for a Texas policy providing

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How ‘Bout Showing Some Respect, Fucknozzles? (UPDATED)

I hadn’t heard about the crowd booing a gay soldier during the debate last night, kinda preoccupied with other crap, until I read my sestrichka’s excellent reaction to it. And after I’d read that, I realized that I didn’t need to say anything myself because she’d already said it for me, and in her wonderful,

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UN Update


Short Version: Romney is a Puling, Opportunistic Coward

Which only separates him from Ogabe in that Ogabe at least has the courage to commit seppuku by pushing for policies that nobody likes. Ace goes through a long stream-of-consciousness post about Obamney’s lack of guts, but the short version is this: The only, the only time that Mittens has ever stuck to a position

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The Wonders of Socialist Healthcare, Part the Umpteenth

I know I’ve mentioned the plight of my dear aunt overseas before. The one who went in for a routine hysterectomy which in this country with our “horrible health care badly in need of reform” is a routine bit of laparotomy not even requiring hospitalization. But thankfully OgabeCare is going to make it all better.

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Mediscare ? Finally Over…Perhaps

I’ve railed over the years, about letting the NSDWP continually use the Medicare harem-scarem tatic unhindered with our seniors. It rose to it’s hideous peak with the ad last November, depicting a Paul Ryan lookalike pushing granny in a wheelchair over the cliff. Enough was Enough for me. I’ve been sending letters, faxes etc. to

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Irish Dragoness tested negative

Thank the Lord………I just received a note.  Post op tests indicate negative, Dragoness is testing cancer free.  She is feeling better, getting stronger.  Let us hope….and keep kicking good words to the big guy upstairs, we gotta’ keep this stuff away too.

Someone Explain To Me Why…

I’m watching the Military Channel and I see an advertisement for Rosie O’Doughnut’s new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network? What the fucking friggity fuckity fuck?, over. Seriously, you gotta be shittin’ me, right? I mean, what brain dead son a syphilitic whore marketing genius thought that was a good idea? Sorry, but I got

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Perry On Foreign Policy

Let’s just preemptively settle the issue that will soon arise with Rick and his foreign policy acumen. In one op-ed he puts to bed any doubt regarding his views on the middle east, especially support of Israel and a demand that the paleosimians come to the table as honest brokers, instead of bullshit theatrics at

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Oh, And Would Everybody Please Shut Up About Warren Buffett?

Because we’re quite frankly getting sick and tired of hearing that geriatric old fool who has already done everything he could to hide his considerable assets from any sort of future tax hike, excuse us, “revenue enhancement”, babble about how people like him need to pay more taxes. Listen, you drooling old hypocritical fuck: If

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Not to tread on any of His Imperial Vileness’ excellent posts below (which after a brief perusal have wetted my reading appetite for a more lucid time), but I just had to share this. What is the definition of an eternal optimist? A 78 year old widow going to her 60th high school reunion with

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Progressive Asshat Frightened that the Constitution Might One Day Mean What it Means Again

Thanks to LC & IB, fellow OG’er and good friend Bill Quick. We must be doing something right for progressive fascists like Ruth Marcus of the Compost to be getting the vapors: Tea Party types and other conservatives talk about how they’d like their country back. I’d like my Constitution back. Listen, you Tumblefucked Twat™,

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King Narcissus the SCOAMF

“If you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” [youtube][/youtube] Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? At first His Imperial Majesty was convinced that somebody had creatively edited the above video because, surely, no matter how much we all already know that SCOAMFOTUS is a malignant narcissist of the first, tepid water, surely he wouldn’t??? We

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