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Speaking of Doomsday…

Today is the day that we finally hit the debt ceiling that we’ve been told by the DemCong and the RINO Party (but we repeat ourself) HAS TO BE RAISED OR WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!1!!1. Oddly enough, as we look out over the ramparts of the Imperial Castle it would appear that our nation is

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Only 6 Days to Doomsday

Or, as we rather tend to believe, 6 days until we get to laugh our Imperial Arse off at guys like this one, mocking them ferociously in terms most derisive. A New York man spent his entire $140,000 life savings advertising his prediction that the world will end May 21, the New York Post reported

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Health Care Slavery

Sen. Rand Paul knocks one out of the park in 1:21, on the HellCare issue. Ya’ know, the more I see of this guy, the more I like him. As we’ve said here before, conservatives can do business with little ‘L’ libertarians. This is really worth a watch, the man condenses a lot of words

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Life in Nazi Germany

Well, it’s not that bad, actually. Back in Das Reich, everybody was mandatorily organized in one state-approved organization and all wages, profits and production were controlled by the almighty State (but the National Socialists weren’t socialist!, SHRIIIIEEEEEKKK!) At least it’s not that bad here. Yet. Recently, the NLRB filed a complaint to stop Boeing from

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We Must Have a Presidential Election Coming Up

Because Warrior King Ogabe bin Gutsy al-Xerxes is stumping around in Texas trying to gin up the vote. Hello, El Paso! It’s great to be back here with all of you, and to be back in the Lone Star State. I love coming to Texas. You should come to Dallas then. It’s quite lovely. Particularly

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Dumbest Strategical Move Ever

But, then again, the pisslamic hordes haven’t exactly been known for military brilliance for quite a little while now. That is, of course, if the motives for this (h/t LC Tallulah) are as sinister as suggested, which we’re not entirely sure about. Homegrown Islamic terrorists are consciously moving to the South to take their Jihad

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I Love Watching Contortionists In Action

It sure is fun to watch a worm squirm when the screws are applied. [youtube][/youtube] In my not so humble opinion, Wallace went easy on the maggot.  

When Will We Ever Learn?

Watching a lot of the news lately, it’s obvious the GOP still has no clue on how to communicate with the public out here in the heartland. The grotesquely biased MSM along with the left-wing blogosphere is getting a free demagoguery pass on Paul Ryan’s budget plan. They’re having a ball with this and the

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USS Michael Murphy, DDG112

Lt. Michael Murphy won the Medal of Honor in 2005 by exposing himself to intense enemy fire to try and call in support for his SEAL team who were under attack by an overwhelming force of Taliban fighters in the Konar Province of Afghanistan. Today, on what would have been his 35th birthday, the U.S.

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You Have GOT To Be Kidding Us!

EUnuchistan descends further and further into dhimmitude and insanity. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, is now finding herself in hot water, well probably not all that hot since the plaintiff is certifiably insane but still, because she had the nerve to suggest that she was glad that a mass-murdering monster was dead: Schadenfreude, the

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As You Wish, You Terrorist-Loving Paki Shitstains

Pakistan is calling for cuts in the U.S. military personnel inside the country after U.S. Navy SEALs killed Usama bin Laden in his Pakistan compound — without Pakistan’s help or prior knowledge. Fine. His Imperial Majesty was contemplating a temporary sharp increase in Imperial Military Personnel the moment he learned that you ululating mooselimb fucktards

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Oh sure…When You Cut Down On Breathing

Reason 5,439 why I’m glad we are no longer a British Colony. Prince Charles tells America to cut down on steaks … for the sake of the world Chuck is proof that when your family tree doesn’t branch….you’re born with your head up your ass.   Early weekend Open Thread!

Now It’s Time To Question

Did everyone forget? I’ve been looking at posts and comments here for the Empire’s position on goblins and UBL definitely fits this category and more. Let’s review something we’ve coined here in the realm: When a goblin gets shot in the face, the Baby Jesus smiles. OK, we’ve had sufficient time and rightly so, to

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He’s Dead, Alright?

Listen, it’s not that His Imperial Doubtfulness has suddenly gone nuts and decided that Ogabe is trustworthy, as a matter of fact we’d ask for independent confirmation if we were standing outside getting drenched and Ogabe got on the radio telling us it was raining, but it’s really getting to the Silly Point when it

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This is from my local liberal rag. Read the caption of the main photo (click on the photo, then click on it again, and then zoom in). Makes me wonder if there ain’t a closet conservative on staff. Or just more glaring evidence of the liberal IQ. Either way, some editor is way overpaid.