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On tearing down statues and the current victim industry

We have all seen it. We have all seen where this may head. Black armband history, screaming mobs baying for blood in the name of “racist pasts”. Statues being torn down in the name of ” racist acts in history”. Revisionist history. Professional victimhood. From Bradbury’s classic novel: “Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo.

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Tim Poole on the current situation.

No editorial comment from me, I am in no position to speak. Just listen to what he has to say. Rotties, from your overseas brother, be safe, be careful. God keep you in the palm of His hand. – LC Bren.


Looking at this picture, and watching live footage of the tragedy, it was impossible for His Imperial Majesty to not see something more than “just” a building burning. Which is unavoidable, of course. Notre Dame is, after all, most definitely NOT “just a building.” It is one of the most famous symbols of the Church

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17 years ago


I am told that in a few days….

…a bunch of glitter headed idiotarians will parade on stage, hand each other gushing words and meaningless awards for pretending to be other people, prate and virtue signal about all their “noble causes” and “great issues that MUST be addressed in the name of equality and social justice”, then climb back into their expensive cars

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In answer to the announcement by President Trump….

…the HAMAStinians protested peacefully, walking and holding up placards, chanting and generally peacefully showing their disapproval. Oh wait. Yeah, lets give these people a State

Van drives into mosque crowd

WITNESSES say up to three ‘attackers’ escaped after a van ‘intentionally’ swerved into a crowd of pedestrians near London’s Finsbury Park Mosque. and here’s the money quote “They knew there would be people there. “They were white extremists.”< and yet the pussified media refuses to label Muslim terror attacks as “Islamic extremists”. Nope. Nothing to

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On European Elections and the Oft Reported “Death of Right Wing Populism”

A thing that seems to “die” every other day, only to come back from the dead a week or two later. It’s amazing what a deluded mind can convince itself of, as long as it reinforces the delusion. We’re speaking of the “resounding defeat” of Geert Wilders (according to the increasingly desperate Prozi/Tranzi media) and

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Secretary of Defense Mad Dog Mattis

Oh For the Love of Jupiter!

Can we please, please, please pretty please gather round all of the morons like this one and beat them to a bloody, slow and very painful death with the ClueBat™? (h/t fellow O.G. blogger Bill Quick): This year, ISIS isn’t simply a passive observer of American politics. Since the group’s rapid rise in 2014, ISIS

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Look Who’s Back!

(Via Bill Quick) Looks like somebody is pouring salt in our Iraqi victory soup again, somebody you might have heard about before: “Baghdad teetered on the edge of political chaos Sunday. The city is in a state of emergency, protesters have occupied parts of the once-secure International Zone (IZ), lawmakers have run away and the

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Until They KNOW They’ve Been Beaten…

From Bill Quick: Instapundit » Blog Archive » SPENGLER: The 30% solution — when war without end ends. “Nations do not fight to the death, but … This reminds me of Josh Marshall’s 2003 worries that we hadn’t killed enough Iraqis to ensure a stable outcome there, which in retrospect seem better-founded than I thought

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With Pussies Like This One in Charge

…we can’t help but think of the glorious fwench army of 1939-1940: Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, the commander of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, denounced calls to “carpet bomb” ISIS during a Pentagon press briefing Monday. In other news, LTG Seth McFarlane, it’s Seth, right?, denounced the bombings of Germany, Italy and Japan during WWII, calling

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Quote of the Day

The ritualistic “Why do they hate us” browbeating favored by the chattering classes is nonsense. Al Qaeda hated us because we were not Muslims. But it was only using us as the hated “other” to consolidate a collective Muslim identity. We are to Islamists what the Jews were to Hitler; a useful scapegoat whose otherness

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Can We Say “Out of Touch?”

We realize just how much too long we’ve forcibly removed ourself from the stupidity that is current affairs. Every day we learn that things got even more retarded in our absence than we’d even imagined! Like the complete and utter hysteria regarding Trump’s remarks about putting a full stop for the time being on muslim

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