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Open Thread from DJ…

Hello from the OTHER side.  I mean, the other side of the border.  No, not that border, the Northern border.  Yeah, that Socialist country to the North, Canookistan. It’s not that I miss y’all — maybe some of you — I just don’t miss the mindless arguing about crap that none of us have any

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Christmas LOLZ

OK, just one more thing since this has to be the funniest thing we’ve read all week. Or month. Or… Hell, we don’t know. An American pastor from Indiana, who leads a church that preaches same-sex marriage is “sinful”, Not sure where the sarcastic quotation marks come from, since there is absolutely nothing controversial or

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Religion of Peace Piece

Damn, it’s a good thing our men and women are fighting and dying in Afghanistan, so the Afghanis have the freedom to do this: Needless to say, this is not a video the White House wants you to see, so no telling how long it will be here. And as far as I am concerned,

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A Day of Much Hilarity

“Location, location, location!” Very well, so this might not be quite what that quote is about but we couldn’t resist. So sue us. Regardless, the simian koranimals of Gaza seem to be having a wee bit of trouble with the concept (h/t readerjp, LC & GLOR): TEL AVIV — The Gaza Strip’s main hospital and

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The Day Muhammed Got Buried in His Uniform

LC Radical Redneck brings the funneh! (With some hat tip love to Bluegrass Pundit for unearthing this). Tip to Ham-ass (that we hope they ignore): When burying your splodey-dopes, you should probably remove their boom-boom vests first. we have to say, though: It turned into one HECK of a funeral! More, please! (Warning. If images

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Hairy Wilde-beast terrorizes Columbus OH

The OH department of Wildlife and Preservation was called in to downtown Columbus Ohio today when a rabid Wilde-beast was mistakenly allowed to escape it’s minimum wage cage at Burger King and terrorize citizens. Wildlife officers said that this species is extremely low in intelligence but highly aggressive and should be treated with the utmost

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The Devil went down to Georgia

I’ve decided to run for Congress. Let me introduce myself – My name is Satan. I’m stuck in GA – so I’ll have to run for congress there. Look I ain’t no carpetbagger’s that fucking Charlie Daniels and his fiddle that got me stuck here….I actually hate GA. Well never mind all that. I’m

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I May Have to Start Watching My Back

Now, being ever mindful of the legacies of empires long gone, it is His Imperial Majesty’s policy to arm his heirs against just about anything that might come their way. Weapons training, judging characters, trust, subterfuge, reading between the lines, sarcasm, devastating put-downs with a smile on your face, that sort of thing. But we

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Okay, not even I could make THIS shit up…

AMERICAN TV news networks have made a series of embarrassing stuff-ups in their coverage of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.It was a double whammy for Texas’ KXAN news, who not only misspelt the word ‘search’ in their infograph, but mistakenly placed Perth in Tasmania. While there is a Perth located in the

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Obam-bam vs. Putin

From the geniuses at the People’s Cube (below the fold as it’s quite long):

Nope. We’re Fresh Out of Them

Via Bill Quick, news reaches us that Noo Yawkers are just as thrilled with their brand new communist mayor, Bill de Sandino-wannabe-Blasio, as we knew they would be. NEW YORK (AP) — Only 39 percent of registered New York City voters believe Mayor Bill de Blasio’s has done a “good” or “excellent” job during his

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I Thought I Would Share…

… In A Strictly Non-Partisan Way. (I could have posted a “BC-Worthy” image, but this one is funny to me.) Anyways, just thought I would drop by and say “hi”.  Don’t really have the interest to argue about things I will never have control over — kind of an epiphany I reached a while back.

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Great Moments in Mooselimb Education

No wonder His Obamaness has made it the mission of NASA to reach out to mooselimbs to make them feel better about their own achievements. And, seriously, quick mocking Comrade Zero for having no ambition on that issue. Finding anything that mooselimbs can feel good about is a damn sight harder than sending a man/wymyn

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So, Leftists, How Are You Liking the Consequences of Your Votes?

Getting a bit peeved, it would seem. If only they could make the synaptic connection between their votes and the results of their messiah’s policies, that is. Which they can’t. (h/t Ace). After overcoming website glitches Still clinging bitterly to calling the sinking of the Titanic plus the crash of the Hindenburg times a hundred

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Open Thread

Even I thought this was funny… Enjoy your open thread.