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Okay, You’re Askin’ Fer It…

I guess that in order to start a fire, you have to provide the fuel and ignition. For combustion… Sure, I would consider this an “OPEN THREAD”.

You Say That as if it’s a Bad Thing?

'Dossier' firm says U.S. senator's leaks endanger its employees — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) January 30, 2018 We’re trying very hard here to contain our… something. Thatisall.


No I dont remember how I found it. No I dont know what else they made. I am not sure I want to know. Open thread.

Weaponized Barbecue?

We’re sorry for having been so inexcusably lazy of late, but this one… Well, you’d have to have a heart of stone to not laugh your arse off when reading it. Backstory is that the murderous paleoswinian terrorists currently wasting good Israeli shekels taking up perfectly good space in Israeli prisons when we all know

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The Old Hag Finally Made Us Laugh

Never thought we’d feel the need to applaud while laughing hysterically at anything emanating from that wretched Marxist hag, Ruth Baader-Meinhof Ginsburg’s shriveled lips, but it happened nonetheless: “Let’s hope members of Congress, the members that Allegheny College has already honored — Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. John McCain, the women of the Senate,

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Low Bridge, everybody DUCK!!!!

It’s been too serious in here recently, and I tripped over this gem whilst watching Aussie DashCam. Open thread folks, time to kick ’em off and laugh a bit. Enjoy.

While We’re Still Waiting for Season 5 of “Capture Shia’s Stupid Flag”

…we learn that Shia LaPet has set what must be a record! Yes, you read it right. The movie “Man Down”, in which Shia stars, made, wait for it, 7 quid at UK box offices on opening day! That’s, er, one ticket. Presumably bought by mistake. Stick to hiding your flag, Shia. Watching you get

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You’re So Fucking Speshul, Aren’t You?

So, we’re informed that a bunch of “anti”-fascist fascists in KKKalifornikate decided it would be fun to, once again, pepper spray people for not being fascists or something (we get confused. At least in our day, the fascists had the decency to call themselves fascists instead of anti-fascists), and the normal people decided that they

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Season Four of Capture Shia’s Flag Ends Exactly as Expected

Wednesday, Shia laPet announced that, following his latest fiasco at keeping up his live stream of his “He Will Not Divide Us” flag, victory over the fun-loving folks at /pol/ was now assured as he had moved the flag to the top of a museum in Liverpool. As if there are no /pol/’ers and assorted

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In Other Hilarious News

You all remember Shia LaPet, right? The “He Will Not Divide Us” twat who first had to move his “protest” due to being arrested for assault, then made the genius move of trying to hide out his camera in an Albuquerque parking lot and then, when that got too “hot” for him too, ran off

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Time to put the dog…er…goanna out..

Here in Australia, we dont do small. We dont do harmless. And our staff know how to deal with a customer who didnt bother to book a table.

Without Further Comment

Just because it, quite literally (in the actual meaning of the word), made us laugh out loud, or “LOL” as those who can’t be bothered to type like to put it (h/t Ace): Our only objection would be that this photoshop (if indeed it is a photoshop, we can’t say for sure), is a lot

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Live By Identity Politics, Die By Identity Politics

So, the Dem Cong are beginning to vaguely realize that maybe telling every single white person in this country that they don’t matter, being the disgusting, racist, misogynistic, backwards cousin-humpers that they are, might not be working out too well for them, electorally speaking (dammit! Not true! Keep being you! PLEASE!!!) One of the results

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Alright, They Got Us This Time

Pictures never lie, and the evidence is in:

We Laughed and Laughed

Via LC & IB Bill Quick. A group of 51 refugees rapefugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday. “Brutally?” Oh, we like the sound of that! Although we, being a civilized male who hasn’t been emasculated by P.C. and goodthink,

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