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The spirit of their ancestors shall keep them

Less than a few days ago, three soldiers of the New Zealand armed forces were killed in a roadside bomb blast. The soldiers were part of New Zealand’s Provincial Reconstruction Team, which for many years has worked tirelessly to bring peace and security to the lives of the people of Bamyan province. At each base

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Five Diggers lost in one day

Three of them murdered by a Taliban fellator in Afghan Army uniform, who shot them in the back like the cowardly goatfucker he is, two others dead in a chopper crash. Names not released yet by request from the families. Pray for them, please. Glass the place. Nuke em till they glow, then shoot em

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TWANLOC Should Fear Our Despair

Over at HOT AIR, in the “Green Room” there is a post by Madison Conservative who is counseling against giving up now the the Supreme Court has been turned. His post is good, and inspiring, but he used the phrase “Do Not Despair” as his title. There are rumors extent that I am a contrary

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