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Bidens lies exposed

So much for the Left’s bullshit.

Breaking: Michigan

Wayne County board of canvassers refused to certify results. Republican state legislature may select their own electors. Absentee ballots in precincts did not match the number of ballots cast In other news Two men in California were just charged in a 41-count criminal complaint that alleges they submitted 8,000 fraudulent voter registration applications on behalf

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Just a reflection

“All the violence is by right wing” How many times have we heard this lie? In response, all I can say is this. Pres. Trump may well have lost, he may well concede. Yet…to this day I dont see any riots, looting, shootings, smashed city zones or cities on fire. Anywhere. Do you?

Oh shes making a list she’s checking it twice..cancel culture is coming to town

Source That may not go far enough, though. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks people need to collate information on anyone who might ever have said anything positive about Trump — lest such people scrub their records and try to pretend they were critical of Trump all along. Ko-Ko Cortez is an elected official and deserving of

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To those who say Pres Trump should concede

Does this sound kinda familiar? Hypocrites.

You Are Not Allowed To See This

Millennial Millie (Millie Weaver) had not hit my radar much until I heard last week that she had been arrested, and as I dug further into the story, I learned that her arrest came one day before she was planning to release a documentary she was calling “ShadowGate”. Apparently an associate of hers was able

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Meet PC Plod. Policing UK style

This is the kind of “community policing” that has become the face of this useless Chinese Lung Pox™ lockdown. She was of course “counselled” that she was abusing her power and that she , in fact, had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order people out of their own front garden. “The virus doesnt stop at your

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More Terrorism From the “Tolerant Left”

View this post on Instagram #Repost @ryanafournier with @get_repost ??? PLEASE READ: I’d like you all to meet Rita. She’s an ICU Nurse at Miami Valley Hospital. She was one of the many heroes that helped save lives in Dayton following the mass shooting. . While President Trump was visiting the hospital, he was told

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So What’s the Over-Under on it Penetrating the Titanium Skulls of Congress?

Bringing along Gabriel Nadales, a former member of Antifa and current employee of the Leadership Institute, Campus Reform’s parent organization, Phillips and Nadales asked students if they thought the group deserved a “terrorist” designation. All but one student with whom Campus Reform spoke agreed that Antifa should be labeled a “domestic terror organization.” After the

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Leftist Fascists Finally Find a Victim They’re Not Intimidated By…

…and it’s an 8 year old girl. The parents of “Mini AOC” – the popular Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impersonator – are reportedly calling it quits, stopping the spoofs and deleting accounts due to death threats lodged against their family from the left. The 8-year-old actress’s parents reportedly provided an update Wednesday on the Twitter account @SickenTirade:

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We Guess Old Gropey Has Been Given His Marching Orders

Barely had old Gropey Biden announced that he wanted to be in the Prozi Klown Kar of the 2020 Prozi Primaries before the first torpedo hit below the waterline. We’re not even in the slightest going to defend old Molesto-Biden here, except for noting that Ol’ Man Biden tends to prefer them younger than Flores,

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Fuckwit Answers Maxi-Pad Waters’ Call to Arms

And, of course, decides to stay in his own weight class by assaulting a couple of scrawny teens (via Patriot Retort, who promptly finds her way onto the Imperial Blogroll): Disturbing video of young Trump Supporter having his MAGA hat stolen and a drink thrown in his face. The civility of the Left on full

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And Thus it Ever Was With Fascists

But at least now the fascist Prozi “liberals” are coming out in the open, admitting to it: How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment Off to a great start, Adam. Oooh, weaponize! Boo! WASHINGTON — On the final day of the Supreme Court term last week, Justice Elena Kagan sounded an alarm. The court’s five conservative

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This is Quickly Passing the Point of No Return, Shitlib Fascists

We know, we’ve said so in the past, we’ve said so ever since we started ages ago, has it really been almost 20 years?, when a bunch of shitlib Prozi fascists tried (and failed) to get yours truly fired for disagreeing with you in a comments section. But you’re really, really, REALLY bumping up against

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You Know How You Got Trump?

This is how you got Trump: She explained, “Already you have members of your cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants. We have protesters taking up at their house who are saying, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep.’” “We’re gonna win this battle,” Waters said, “because while you try and quote the

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