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Well, Well, Well… That Settles it, Then…

After all, the geniuses (just ask them, they’ll tell you!) over at FiveThirtyEight had this to say: Sooooo… er, that’s it, then? Thatisall.

“Why the Fuck is Moscow not Burning???”

So asketh the hyperventilating russophobe Sexton at Yapping Poodles: White House spokesman Josh Earnest is promising a “proportional” response but won’t say what that might entail. [...] Earnest’s language seems a bit vague under the circumstances. He says Obama “will consider” a response which suggests he hasn’t done so yet. When exactly is Obama planning

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Paging John Sexton

You know, the resident Russophobe at Fetid Air who has only recently dared to get out of bed again in the mornings, having finally been convinced that Russian HaX0rz don’t hide underneath it. This might send him back into a catatonic state: “Are you concerned that this weekend’s attacks or potential incidents in the coming

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Oh For the Love of Jupiter!

Can we please, please, please pretty please gather round all of the morons like this one and beat them to a bloody, slow and very painful death with the ClueBat™? (h/t fellow O.G. blogger Bill Quick): This year, ISIS isn’t simply a passive observer of American politics. Since the group’s rapid rise in 2014, ISIS

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Winning Hearts and Minds, the Klintoon Way

Keep digging, you brain-damaged, wheezing, coughing witch. The Democratic presidential nominee sparked an uproar late Friday when she described Trump’s supporters at a fundraiser. “To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Clinton said. “Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

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Those Were Some Bitchin’ Yoga Routines!

So, Trump jokingly suggests that the Russians, in case they happen to have also hacked the 30,000 or so emails that her FBI lapdog Comey couldn’t quite find, release those as well. To which the increasingly deranged Prozi Campaign responds: Erm… OK. So those same yoga routines, wedding plans and harmless “private” emails (those were

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Meanwhile, Salem Media and Hot Air continue banging the “look over THERE! Russians! Quit talking about the utterly corrupt cunt Hillary, dammit!” drum. At this point, PMSNBC must be getting worried that they’re about to lose their jobs as the foremost JournoList/DNC spokespuppets. No, John Sexton, we don’t care two flat farts whodunnit at this

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Whose Side Are They On Again?

And, just like clockwork, Flat Air is doing their damndest to play up the “The Russians did it!” angle, because that’s the REAL story here, dontcha know? Forget about the DNC/MSM/Clinton Famiglia colluding to rig an election, the REAL story is that THE RUSSIANS DID IT! Also… “LOOK! SQUIRREL!!!” We just got word that PMSNBCCNNABCCBS

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Reality: 1, Cultist Morons: 0

These stories just never get old. They just never do: A group of adventurers, sailors, pilots and climate scientists that recently started a journey around the North Pole in an effort to show the lack of ice, has been blocked from further travels… Wait for it… …by ice. Tada! It just never gets OLD! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Whyever Not???

Washington (CNN)The Pentagon said Thursday it was ending the ban on transgender people being able to serve openly in the U.S. military. The announcement — which removes one of the last barriers to military service by any individual — was made by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who had been studying the issue for almost a

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Stray Thought

Having watched, with a great deal of disgust (though we can’t say surprise anymore), the spectacle of #NeverTrumpTards howling about the “racism” of Trump pointing out that maybe a La Raza “judge” (even #NeverTrumpTards ought to know that “raza” means “race”, at least if they have enough brain cells to use a dictionary) might be

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Great Moments in Child Rearing

This is what happens when you fail to give your runts a good thrashing and a stern talking to every once in a while (via LC & IB Bill Quick): Students protested yesterday at the Emory Administration Building following a series of overnight, apparent pro-Donald Trump for president chalkings throughout campus. Yes, you read that

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Same As It Ever Was

In honor of the two Marxist Muttfuckers running on the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s platform of “Free Shit! No Borders!”, we present you with the following Public Service Announcement: Feel free to steal, borrow or re-post wherever you wish. Let’s make it go viral like a Kardashian STD through the NBA! F.E.T.E.

Hot Gas Outdo Themselves

Diving even deeper into the tank for mindless, globalist utopianism, putting up this load of drivel by one Allan Bourdius: I’ve got a challenge for you. “Try to read through the following incandescent bullshit without throwing up.” Challenge accepted. Reluctantly. Try to imagine: you and your family are living somewhere the rest of humanity seems

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Another Cult Embarrassed

It’s just not a good time to be a cultist, is it? Papers that describe harmful effects to animals fed genetically modified (GM) crops are under scrutiny for alleged data manipulation. The leaked findings of an ongoing investigation at the University of Naples in Italy suggest that images in the papers may have been intentionally

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