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How to Get Disowned by Your Family in Three Easy Steps

In which we get inexcusably long-winded yet again, but such is the way of an Emperor and, besides, we need to say it again. Feel free to skip if it makes you uncomfortable or, quite possibly, bored out of your wits) Actually, make that one easy step. Just follow the advice in this propaganda video

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Lies, Damn Lies & Glowbull Worming (Yes, We Know That’s Redundant)

Mark Serreze, Chief of Alarmist Propaganda at the National Snow(job) and Ice Data Center, goes for the record in the “Number of Lies and/or Misinformation in a Single Press Release and/or Interview” category in one of his latest desperate attempts to continue sucking off the public’s withered teat and keep the Golden Glowbull Worming Goose™

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Good For A Laugh, At Least

Want to play around with the budget and see how well you score on stimulating the economy, averting the bust and balancing the budget? Become Emperor and hang all politicians first. After that, the economy will take care of itself. But if you want to waste some time while laughing your arse off at the

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