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Pandemic – What Can We Say We Know, In Spite of the Media?

I have been reading some of the back and forth on the CCPVirus here on the Rottie. I thought I would share what I have learned about the coronavirus and the responses to it by governments around the world.

Promise made…promise kept

Pfizer has been preparing for S. distribution for a vaccine, if authorized or approved, including coordinating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Operation Warp Speed He did it. Most of all, this one accomplishment will be the hallmark..and the enduring legacy of the Trump Presidency. A vaccine for COVID, tested, checked,

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Bidens lies exposed

So much for the Left’s bullshit.

Told you

The Biden-Harris transition website outlines the Democrats’ COVID-19 plan, promising that the new administration would “implement mask mandates nationwide by working with governors and mayors and by asking the American people to do what they do best – step up in a time of crisis”. I wasnt aware the Federal government could issue orders to

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Meet PC Plod. Policing UK style

This is the kind of “community policing” that has become the face of this useless Chinese Lung Pox™ lockdown. She was of course “counselled” that she was abusing her power and that she , in fact, had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order people out of their own front garden. “The virus doesnt stop at your

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Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Or you WILL get arrested. Apparently protesting a governor for redress of grievances, during a time of arbitrary suspension of the first amendment to the U.S. constitution, is grounds for arrest. As a result 33 Californians were were arrested for not complying with the governor’s order they were protesting against. Their failure of citizens to

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Look For the Genocidal Label

In view of the previous post from our very own LC Brendan, now would be a good time to start looking at labels in stores when you’re purchasing stuff. Inasmuch as you’re even allowed to purchase anything, depending on whether you’re located in Frau Whitless’ state Michigan where “non-essential” procedures like cancer screenings are banned,

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They keep sending us these letters…

Aaaand….well, we DID answer it. Latest Chinese Consulate Pansygram Arrives Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph April 23, 2020 3:44pm Our flubie friends at Sydney’s Chinese Consulate have been in contact again, this time to register Beijing’s official rage over an excellent Daily Telegraph illustration: On 22 April, The Daily Telegraph newspaper in New South Wales

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Journaljizzmers Continue to Cover Themselves in Glory

So this daft, airheaded cow “journalist” of the New York Slimes writes an entire article blaming the tragic death of a bar owner on Sean Hannity of FOX News downplaying the severity of Chinese Lung AIDS, right? Because the poor man made the decision to go on that cruise more than a week BEFORE Hannity

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How DARE You Have Fun?!

More from the little Adolfs all over the country enjoying the Lockdown Theatre entirely too much: Days ago, a popular skatepark in San Clemente was filled with 37 thousand tons of sand to discourage skaters and “promote social distancing,” Los Angeles CBS reported. “San Clemente had shut down all its parks and facilities on April

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Yet, the Flag Was Still There

So now, after our honest, deadly serious rant below about what we’re facing, we also feel that we need to point a few things out so’s to make sure that we don’t leave everybody with the impression that All Is Lost™, because it isn’t. It never is where America and Americans are concerned, our deep

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So THAT’S the Plan, Stan?

First off, allow us to emphasize that we’re glad that we have A plan, it’s impossible to ever declare anything accomplished unless you have a way of describing what “success” looks like, and any general who ever walked into a battle without a plan of some sort didn’t stay a general for long, nor did

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“Show Us Your Face Mask, Bitte”

Fail to wear a face mask that you can’t buy anywhere for any amount of money? Go to prison. If you live in Sonoma County, CA. Please read this Order carefully. Violation of or failure to comply with this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. (California Health and Safety Code §

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Cut Off China… NOW

And we mean cut them off completely. Something we should have done long ago, something that our current President has been saying since long before he even became President but, as they say, better late than never. If nothing else, then we should have learned THAT from this moronic interlude in our history as a

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Nice Deflection, Derps, But You Really Need to Start Working on Some New Material

The US government had reportedly funded $3.7 million to the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan which has been at the centre of speculations surrounding coronavirus outbreak. Oh, so it’s all Our Own Fault™ now, is it? Gee, haven’t heard that one before since, well, “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. The revelation that the US

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