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Dear President Trump:No I am not tired of winning

Source For all the kicking and screaming and tantrums of the “Educated Left”, they are now chowing down on a massive meal of CROW. The rabid NeverTrumpers ranted and raved on how “Literally Hitler” was “pushing us towards a nuclear war because of his stupidity”… DONALD Trump has been credited for the return of North

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Alright, we have to admit it: We’re in shock. After a prolonged and excessively tedious game of chicken in the Senate, which we had fully expected to end in the usual failure theater, Yertle the Turtle seemed to have located a pair of spare testicles and pulled the trigger on Sniffling Schumer, nuking the filibuster

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One of Der Fubar’s Führerbefehle Hardest Hit as Glowbull Wormening Scam Takes One to the Nuts

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday rolling back Obama-era policies to curb planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, a senior White House official said. The order, called the “Energy Independence Executive Order,” begins a review of former President Barack Obama’s signature program to deal with climate change, the Clean Power Plan, which limited greenhouse

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Eating Your Cake and Having It

So, well, that settles it. The former DNI, James “Lying to Congress” Clapper, categorically denies that any wiretapping of Trump even happened. Heck, even god-king Hussein denies it, so obviously it never happened! OK, in all fairness, all captain precious princess Hussein said was that he never ordered it, which, well, duh. “Will nobody rid

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We Like This Guy… He Fights!

We made an exception to our rule against wasting valuable time on watching the mindless babbles of presidents and actually sat through President Trump’s whole speech to Congress. We had this feeling that this one would be… different. We’re glad we did. Here it is, if you missed it: We can’t really, unless we were

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President Trump isnt going to the correspondence dinner

The press have: Trashed him before, during and after the election. Been activists for his political opponent. Trashed, insulted, denigrated and abused his wife. Laughed and sniggered at abuse hurled at his 10 year old son. Spent every waking momemt trying to drag him down. Published lies, smears, innuendo and abuse at his entire family.

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Why the President and the people wont trust the media

President Trump, and the population at large, have had it with the media. Why? Before, during, and after the election, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of what we accurately call the Lamestream media™ acted and behaved like political activists instead of reporters. They chose to pick partisan sides in a highly charged, explosive political campaign.

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Dear me, the Prozis really do have short memories

Looks like someone needs to build a wall.

Never Forget

So, Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS. We don’t know him from Adam, so we’re not going to wax poetic about his abilities or principles, but we hear nothing but good things about him, and he’s been picked by President Trump (never gets old typing that), who has, so far, shown himself to have an unerring and,

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Yeah, that Didn’t Work Out So Well for Ya, Did it?

So a holdover A.G. from that flap-eared whassisface guy who used to shit in the White House’s days decides that she wants to be President instead of the President and singlehandedly stop enforcement of President Trump’s (we just love typing that, over and over again) EO to stop importation of mooselimb terrorists. She was probably

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