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The reason this immigration ban is in place

This is from 2015. The President of the United States has one responsibility. The safety and wellbeing of Americans. ABOVE ALL ELSE. Here endeth the lesson.

President Trump’s Inauguration speech

“Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world: thank you. We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people.Together, we will determine the course of America and

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This..has to be seen ..and heard…to be believed.

H/T LC Virago, who prompted me to go find this. This young lady…all I can say is….Misha, she puts you to shame [youtube][/youtube] She also has a few things to say to Donald Trump. [youtube][/youtube] and she asks this question, one I hope he..and the voters in November, take with them when they vote. “”Mr

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We’re Coming to Get You, You Elitist, Tyrant Bastards.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Then die. Try to accept your deaths graciously and we’ll make them quick. Plus, we’d bloody well hate to get your vomit of fear on our pants and boots. The stink just never quite comes out, no matter how many times you wash. Required reading for the day: Resentful

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Welcome to the Imperial Presidency

And no, sadly, not the Imperial presidency of His Imperial Majesty, Misha I, but that of His Colossal Ineptitude, princess Obola I. So Empress Obola, safe in her knowledge that nothing would happen if she did so (nothing ever happened on the umpty-million times she took a piss on the Constitution and ruled by fiat

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Schadenboners for everyone!

As of this writing at a little after 10 pm Central, it has been projected by several media outlets that the GOP has taken control of the Senate, and picked up at least 10 seats in the House. In addition, 36 governor’s races were voted on, and the GOP has so far picked up several

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The Power of Words and the Permanence of Ideas

My friends, I must first apologize for being absent from the front page for too long. My life has been full of changes these last several months, and these changes continue to challenge me.  Taking a little time away from them today has reminded me that the issues I must contend with myself pale in

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The Naked, Unvarnished Truth

If there’s a Rant Hall of Fame, this one should be right up there in the Pantheon of all-time greatest hits. Before you go and click on the link, be sure to empty your bladder, grab a fresh beverage to sooth your throat from shouting “Fuck YEAH!”, over and over, as you read the post.

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Let Us Give Thanks…

On this Thanksgiving Day of 2013, it is important that we gather our families around us and give thanks for the simple things that motivate our lives: our families and friends; our faith and the daily rewards of our own hard work.  We celebrate life on this day with great food and drink, and the

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The Natives Are Getting Restless

From the trucker protest that was deemed “not news” by the Obama Stenography Pool (formerly “the media”), Doug Ross brings pictures. Lots of pictures. That you, of course, will neither see nor hear a beep about from the Obama Stenography Pool. Funny, His Imperial Majesty would certainly call hundreds, if not thousands of giant diesels

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Time to Retire Weepy Boner

Yes, we know that we’ve said that before, but when we learned that he adamantly refuses to appoint a Special Committee on Benghazi in spite of 75% of his own caucus demanding just that… RCOB doesn’t begin to describe it. We don’t know what it is that King Hussein has on that whiny collaborating pussy,

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Learning How to Live With Having Been a Traitor

Since it’s apparently, and long overdue if you ask us, all the rage for us former commie fuckheads to come clean about our past dalliances with our former “comrades” who’d now love nothing more than to shoot us right between the eyes for our heresy against the Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Progressive Utopia of Next Tuesday, we present a

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And Today’s Feel Good Story

Because we really need one, and this is a good one. Remember that kid, Jared Marcum, who got arrested and slammed with criminal charges for wearing an NRA T-shirt to school in WV? The one we wrote about a bit back. Well, we wish we could tell you that his attorney got the charges dismissed

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Oh Happy Day! (And Then Some Not So Happy Stuff, But We Knew It Would Get To That Point, So No Surprise There)

And on the fifth day of the Sequestrocalypse, planes falling from the skies, violent gangs roaming the streets where police once kept the peace, wild animals no longer under control running rampant in once idyllic neighborhoods, tearing out the throats of womyn and chillun (hey, Pharaoh Tit-Bama said it would be so, so it must

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Bitch, PLEASE!

So this is what Dianne “Hitler” Feinschwein has been cooking up while dancing in the blood of Connecticut kindergarteners (thanks, LC Ginghis, for letting us know). No, it’s not “just” a re-enactment of the utterly ineffectual and even more utterly un-Constitutional “scary weapons ban”, it goes so, so much further.