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The Prozi Left Can’t be Parodied

They ARE a parody. We remember when this was hysterically funny: OK, so it’s still hysterically funny, but back then, that was ALL that it was. And it was hysterically funny because surely, certainly, no WAY could anybody actually human, in real life, ever say something as patently ridiculous as this. Not so much anymore.

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Well THAT Didn’t Take Long

Oh dear, we’re all going to die. Except we’re already dead, aren’t we? Not sure about you lot, but we think the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord already did us in. Or was it the tax cut that caused us to breathe our last? We’re so confused. We remember before the pick was announced,

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Please ProziCrats, Don’t Ever Stop Being Stupid

Pre-Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement: “NAZI REPUBLICANS ARE SEPARATING BABIES FROM THEIR PARENTS!!!! REEEEEEEEEEeeeee!!!” Post-Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement: “NAZI REPUBLICANS WILL STOP US FROM SEPARATING (BY CHOPPING THEM UP AND SELLING THE PARTS) BABIES FROM THEIR PARENTS!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee!!!” Stark, raving mad. Don’t ever change. Thatisall.

To the French people

I’ll just leave this here

Rosie O’Donnell: Well, our pussies are not for his amusement or entertainment or legislation. Her pussy, to put it mildly, is like the final frontier: “Where no Man has gone before” other news……

“OMGWTFBBQ Trump will push the red button”

Will someone…ANYONE..I dont care who….explain to these bedwetting, whining, puerile and utterly LUNATIC Lefties that there IS no “big red button” and reassure these Safe Space™ addicted, halfwitted, droolingly braindead imbeciles that no US President anywhere can EVER unilaterally launch a nuclear attack? I mean really, do NONE of them ever bother to actually LEARN

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Action, Meet Consequences…

A while back there was a story about some Prozi buttmuncher propane dealer in Maine who, in the middle of the coldest blast of glowbull wormening since, well, a long time, declared on his voicemail that anybody who voted for Trump could go freeze to death in the dark because he sure as Hell wasn’t

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Prozi Land Whale Regrets Not Having Abortion

The rest of us, as LC & IB Bill so very aptly put it, find ourselves regretting that her mother didn’t have one. “So many people I love – my mother, my best friends – have had to have abortions for all kinds of reasons,” [Lena] Dunham said. “I feel so proud of them for

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Save Our Snowflakes!

We may be a cold, cynical, warmongering Emperor, but we do not have a heart of stone. So when we saw this deeply touching, moving and heart-wrenching PSA, we just knew that we had to share it. We cannot, will not, accept a brutal, tyrannical, oppressive, dictatorial night of hurt feelings descending upon this nation

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Trump and the “Triumph of Racism”

Oh dear are the racist little ProgNazis carrying on about how racist Trump voters are because a majority of whites voted for him. Conveniently left unmentioned is the fact that he at least tied Romney, that whitiest of white whiteys in a white wine sauce, with Latinos and beat him handily with Blacks. Nevertheless, they’re

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Whose Side Are They On Again?

And, just like clockwork, Flat Air is doing their damndest to play up the “The Russians did it!” angle, because that’s the REAL story here, dontcha know? Forget about the DNC/MSM/Clinton Famiglia colluding to rig an election, the REAL story is that THE RUSSIANS DID IT! Also… “LOOK! SQUIRREL!!!” We just got word that PMSNBCCNNABCCBS

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Leftist Swine… Leftist Swine Never Change…

@Zack_Parker_ Property Destruction Is Not Violence — Emmett Rensin (@emmettrensin) June 3, 2016 By that loony Progressive Socialist’s definition, here’s some more “not violence”: Different age, same old leftists. Now tell us again that we’re going too far when we state that the only good leftist is a dead one. Thatisall.

Master Debaters vs. Rank Amateurs

It truly is worth a study. Donald Trump has unleashed a series of scathing attacks over Bill Clinton’s past marital infidelities in an attempt to rob Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton of the argument that she’s strong on women’s issues. Trump has been moving in this direction since first sparking controversy last week for remarks

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Welcome to Hell

It seems to me that NBC has it’s collectivist panties in a knot about the treatment of various scumbags amongst us. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the Boston Marathon bomber,  should he avoid the death penalty, is destined to wind up at a Super-Max facility in Colorado called the Administrative Maximum Facility — aka ADX, or “supermax”. First

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The enemy among us

Who might that be you ask? John P. Rowe for number one (this week at least). Dammit Snarl – who the hell is John P. Fucking Rowe you growl? Is there a f’n point here other than the one on your head? Yeah, yeah, hold your knickers on faithful reader. I know the AIR been

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