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“Trump is a failure” – REALLY?

Instead of adding to the growing thread, I think I will just leave this here for your enjoyment. One of the accomplishments not included is very recent, the ongoing talks with North Korea. Whilst it is early days yet, and a lot remains to be done, the indisputable fact is that the situation in North

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My Schadenboner is bigger than the Emperor’s

On this auspicious occasion of the Mueller report being submitted, which, as we all know, meant what we said it did two years ago..Mueller aint got shit I leave you with this

Back to the Subject of Things We Don’t Give a Tinker’s Cuss About

Oh dear, it looks like the Observer (of their own navels) really got Teh Donald™ now! Remember how he’s always talking about the sad decline in the number of coal miner jobs? Oh yeah? But guess who’s been losing even more jobs in the last two decades: Despite Trump Rhetoric, Journalists Are Losing Jobs at

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Dear President Trump:No I am not tired of winning

Source For all the kicking and screaming and tantrums of the “Educated Left”, they are now chowing down on a massive meal of CROW. The rabid NeverTrumpers ranted and raved on how “Literally Hitler” was “pushing us towards a nuclear war because of his stupidity”… DONALD Trump has been credited for the return of North

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Question for the day

Q: Whats the capital of Venezuela? A: About $1.25. I’d feel sorry for them, but… Nope. Got nothing. Fuck ’em all.

Man Liebt den Verrat, Aber Haßt den Verräter

In brief Schadenboner news while we gather our bearings: MeAgain Kelly continues to disappoint. In case NBC was hoping to gain anything from hiring the narcissistic former Fox clown, that is. Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night newsmagazine show’s ratings dropped for a fourth consecutive week since debuting earlier this month on NBC, according to Nielsen Media

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Time for The Art of the Deal

6:20 p.m. Gov. Jerry Brown is asking the Trump administration for federal assistance in responding to a potential failure of a spillway at the Oroville Dam in Northern California. Is that so? Certainly something to take into consideration. Now, while we’re talking, how about those “sanctuary cities” that you so staunchly and fanatically refuse to

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And the Daily Schadenboner Update

Just when we thought that the turgid monster would finally, FINALLY take a rest and allow us to wear something other than a fucking sari, looking like a Ringling, Barnum and Bailey big top, shit like this pops up in the news: As outgoing President Barack Obama plans to head off on vacation when he

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And the Tweet of the Day Award™ Goes To…

Rob Schneider! I haven't seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves! — Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) November 18, 2016 (Thanks to LC & IB DougM). That’s going to cost ya, Rob! At least one new monitor and keyboard. Oh heck, we’ll let it fly this time. Haven’t laughed so hard in years! We

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Erm, Comey?

You should probably make sure to have your resume updated by January next year or so. Just saying. Mheh. Thatisall.

Glad THAT’s Over

Because, to be quite honest, we were getting a bit tired of the Cuckservatives for Hillary!™ fantasizing about just how, any day now, they were going to come up with an ingenious and totally fool proof way of subverting the will of the greatest Republican Primary Majority in history. Even though we’ll have to admit

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Well, Kalifornikans, You Made Your Bed…

…now go… drink it? As a fourth year of drought continues to drain aquifers and reservoirs, …but the delta smelt is still swimming happily around in water that absolutely, totally, under no circumstances can be used for humans, lest the darling garbage fish be discomfited. Sooooo…. California water managers and environmentalists are urging adoption of

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Happy New Year Schadenboner!

Damn, we had no idea sobering up would take this long! We must be getting old. Or maybe we’re still drunk or, at the very least, deep in the throes of DT hallucinations, because this is just too damn funny to be true. WASHINGTON — For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have

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Bonus Schadenboner, and Could We Please Remember Who This Country BELONGS To?

We were hoping for some added schadenbonerifficness in the wake of Mary “ObolaCare” Landrieu’s cataclysmic beating in the runoff election, and we weren’t disappointed. The Prozis reacted in their typical, dignified, gracious fashion to having been slapped about the face with a wet catfish and made to resent it. Oh, who are we kidding?: I

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That Damned Lazy Fireball in the Sky!

It is to laugh, if it wasn’t happening on our dime: No doubt most readers know of the $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar plant, a huge project in the Mojave Desert which is easily visible from many planes flying in the Los Angeles – Las Vegas vicinity. It has been controversial from even before its start

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