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This is getting out of hand. It’s impossible to log in, there’s no option to register that actually works and the site keeps redirecting those of you brave enough to try to comment. I’m about to just shove this whole load of crap into the shit bin and start over. Sorry. Pissed off with myself

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Whither Russia?

There’s really not much His Imperiousness can add to what has already been said about the Russo-Ukrainian… issue, and much better also, particularly by the indispensable Diplomad and, besides, the issue is… complicated. Also, His Imperial Highness has a certain affinity for Russian and Ukrainian culture and we have two very dear sestrichki, one from

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Allll-RIGHTY Then…

The post everybody’s been waiting for, we’re sure, so here goes. That “anti-gay” law that got veto’ed out in Arizona when the RINO party decided to run for the hills in the face of progressive socialist mau-mauing. Again. That bill. Yes, you know which one I’m talking about. The one designed to protect business owners

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It’s Time For a New Party

Everybody says that, but His Imperial Majesty has the last say. He’s an Emperor, after all, complete with one of those fancy Burger King cardboard crowns that it took him forever to assemble, so it’s not like he didn’t put any effort into it. That and an entirely justified belief in his own superiority in

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Oh, and On a General Note:

Could somebody, somewhere, somebody who can, in fact, do so, please utterly devastate, destroy and lay in ruins whatever cabal of illiterate fuckwads came up with the commenting system called “Disqus” that is currently spreading like the Black Fucking Plague across the Internets, causing browsers to lock up for minutes on end while trying to

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What was that sound? Me. Whacking a hornet nest. So now that I’ve gone and done that…..At one point in the recent post that went some 190+ replies and featured an all out virtual version of a PayPerView  WWE cage match I made the following comment: I must be slipping behind the times, as I

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Deja Vu All Over Again

From the ever awesome Francis W. Porretto, to whom I’ll always owe a debt, there’s this from Oleg of the People’s Cube: I have seen the future and ran away. At first the move to America from the former USSR made me feel as though I had made a jump in time, from the stagnant

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No, Constant Surrenders Are Not a Winning Strategy

We find ourself in one of those extremely rare moments where we simply must disagree with Thomas Sowell as he evaluates the “irrationality” of trying to defund OgabeCare: Therefore was the Tea Party-led attempt to defund ObamaCare something that met Burke’s standard of a “rational endeavour”? With the chances of making a dent in ObamaCare

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Battle Cries of the Republic

San Jacinto: “Come and get it!” RINOs: “Would overnight delivery be acceptable to you?” Thatisall.

Oh, and Totally En Passant: Should Boehner Allow a House Vote on the ‘Clean’ CR?

No, he shouldn’t. Not that we particularly believe the Lame Stream Media’s parroting the DNC talking point that they’ve been handed that “it would immediately pass”, but given how busy Obama and his pissy-panted, petulant, foot-stomping Spite House are pissing Americans off, we find it silly in the extreme to interrupt the enemy when he’s

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“Patriotism? That’s Just so… GAUCHE!”

Remember this picture? Of course you do. Unless you’re from a different planet or isn’t a teen yet, in which case please browse away from this website. It’s not exactly kiddy-rated. What does that picture say to you? To His Imperial Majesty it says such things as, but not limited to, “defiance”, “resolve”, “courage”, “invincibility”

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Question for those of you who know of these things

Guys, a question (which can be a semi-open thread, or not – your choice). I have a relative who has a talent for hand-loading ammo. This relative would prefer to begin preparations for the moment when the fecal material impacts the oscillating device. Questions: How much total layout, and how easy to acquire? (Meaning, of

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Christmas in June? (UPDATE and Bumped, New Posts Below)

OK, this is going to be the strangest and most likely least convincing sales pitch I’ve ever delivered for a collection because, well, you’ll see… One of our esteemed LCs came up with something that would make for a great surprise for another one of our very esteemed LCs and I’m all in, so that’s

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We Didn’t Stop Loving You Today, George

We never will. May G-d Bless Your Soul. Thatisall.

They’re Turning Out Well

Not to brag or anything (which is a clear sign to anybody knowing His Imperial Majesty that he’s about to do just that), but our Imperial Heirs just got their report cards and both of them tested above the “Advanced” category. Which, of course, led to His Imperial Majesty reacting as any responsible, loving father

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