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Fight As If You Mean It, Or Don’t Fight At All

An absolute must-read from the always excellent Walter Russell Mead about the American reaction to the conflict in Gaza right now: Commentators around the world grasp at straws in seeking to explain what’s going on. Islamophobia and racism, say some. Americans just don’t care about Arab deaths and they are so blinded by their fear

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Meanwhile, In Israel

Things are taking a turn for the worse. The paleoswinians have escalated their terror missile attacks to include Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (so far with little effect) while continuing to bombard southern Israel with hundreds of missiles on a daily basis. The IDF, meanwhile, have struck back in well-directed attacks on terrorists, weapons dumps and

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Directly From the IDF

It’s never too late to Send a Pizza to the IDF. Thatisall. (Note: In case you’ve missed the news lately, Israel has come under intense attack from Hamas who have bombarded civilians with hundreds of rockets starting right after they learned that their greatest ally, Braaargh Hussein the BlightBringer, was reelected by ProgNazi Americans for

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